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Elop: "I'm very happy with the decision we made"

0. phoneArena posted on 15 Jul 2013, 12:56

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop recently sat down to chat with a publication in the U.K. and as you might expect, the question came up about Nokia's decision to go with the nascent Windows Phone platform to replace the dying Symbian OS; until recently, many had questioned whether Android, with its rapidly growing applications market and market share momentum, would have been the better choice at the time...

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posted on 15 Jul 2013, 17:18 4

61. UrbanPhantom (Posts: 949; Member since: 30 Oct 2012)

Android is still a far cry from having 99 percent of the smartphone market. I think you meant to say 99 percent of malware ;o)

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 23:11 1

88. iushnt (Posts: 2268; Member since: 06 Feb 2013)

Real os needs real power.. My Nokia 1100 will keep your 920 in shame.. But you can see that 1100 cannot do anything so its fast.. Same with wp when compared to android.. What's The point of using smooth wp which does almost nothing.. I prefer it's over wp if I need to choose but android is for real man.. If you are a girl then maybe wp is good for u

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 18:00 4

74. FirstoneVorlon (Posts: 14; Member since: 27 Mar 2013)

All you have is MORE APPS, as you guys keep bragging. Take that off the picture, compare the 3 OS WITHOUT ANY app store (just stock manufacturer apps) and we'll see who wins. Oh, you can use 8 or 16 cores and 32GB of RAM if you wish on your handset, we can pit it against the Lumia 920 or 925, no need for more than that. That just to show how much more well-polished is WP8 code in comparison to the mambo jumbo code you guys love.
Anyway, Microsoft still makes some 15 bucks for each droid phone sold, so no harm done, it's a very nice cash cow for M$. Your money still goes into M$ pocket, like or not.

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 21:12 1

84. DerryAhmad (Posts: 287; Member since: 05 May 2012)

I think he made a sound decision. But Nokia made a mistake by considering Android late. He was right tho that Samsung has the competitive advantage over other OEM (including Nokia).

I'm quite happy with Nokia's position in WP and very happy with all the innovation it brings. But WP still a very small chunk of the entire mobile industry.

I just hope Nokia (and Microsoft) could compensate in some sort way for Nokia to make Android devices. Maybe allowing them to release only budget Nokia Android devices (max. $300)?
This budget devices would serve as the replacement of Nokia's symbian devices.

In this case, WP will still enjoying Nokia's latest and best technology in their mid and flagship models (and I'm sure will sell quite well) but also let Nokia set their foot in the Android and enjoy sells from their budget devices (which I think will sell millions)

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 23:09

87. -box- (Posts: 3991; Member since: 04 Jan 2012)

Problem with that is Nokia considered Android and chose against it because they recognized that because if how it was set up from the foundation (OS running on top of another OS via the Java Virtual Machine) the level of interaction, consistency, reliability, and security were not and could not be up to Nokia's stringent standards, and that having to license the OS and pay royalties to the companies the OS infringes on would run the company into the ground

posted on 16 Jul 2013, 00:51 1

101. cam-whore (Posts: 164; Member since: 21 Feb 2013)

no way, there is no way that Nokia will use android. They didn't think of using it when they were deep in trouble, why would they think of using it when they are already on the way up to the top. And to think of it, why do other companies who have been using Android all these years haven't even caught up with the n8's 12mp cam even though they had so much technology and resources on their hands, there's just no way some one would put the Pureview tech on laggy and power-hundry android, even though other have already threaded the octo-core level. Android just isn't stable enough...

posted on 16 Jul 2013, 03:42

110. juandante (banned) (Posts: 679; Member since: 23 Apr 2013)

you don't know nothing. first update yourself in the galaxy s4 vs n8 camera comparison. stop living in 2012.

secondly, if they took all this time it's not because of android at all as you say (and just for your info android can manage image dsp for cameras not like wp), but more to keep the phones not as fat as the n8 but as slim as possible. not to mention it is not their niche the camera phone, hopefully 2013 will bring camera phones back in the lights like the old days of SE K700i and Nokia N93.

posted on 16 Jul 2013, 00:32

95. Kurai (unregistered)

Lag was removed long time ago in jelly bean . . . Your W8 can only brag about your live tiles for f**ks sake . . . android have launchers.

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 13:04 8

3. SakuroAkino (banned) (Posts: 141; Member since: 12 Jul 2013)

Note 3 will answer u soon Nokia :D
samsung will tell u again "what is the real meaning of SALES" :D

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 13:34

17. haseebzahid (Posts: 1853; Member since: 22 Feb 2012)

ouch the hate and vengence but why this is no war but good buissness keep calm

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 23:32 1

89. -box- (Posts: 3991; Member since: 04 Jan 2012)

Like they did with the S4? Sure, it's selling OK, but not well enough to keep the stock from taking an apple-dive

posted on 16 Jul 2013, 00:54 1

102. cam-whore (Posts: 164; Member since: 21 Feb 2013)

sales? haha. And when samsung does have sales, do you get any of it? I doubt it. You're right, samsung = sales and nokia = innovation...then i'd rather have innovation, which benefits everybody...

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 13:13 11

7. xperiaDROID (banned) (Posts: 5629; Member since: 08 Mar 2013)

Elop made the right decision. Haters need to stop begging Nokia to go with Android, Windows Phone is growing right now, so why give up? Even if Elop chose to go with Android, that doesn't mean that Nokia will dominate the Android market. And that's why Nokia needs to keep those famous apps and games coming to shut those haters up. Oh, and don't forget the GDR3 update too.

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 13:41 3

24. designerfx (Posts: 76; Member since: 26 Mar 2013)

Begging? Elop's worst decision was to not go with Android. The gigantic engineer exodus when he joined was not an accident, everyone knew he was a MS plant. Now after they beg to be bought out by MS (who declines to do so), they act as if they're doing strongly (when actual data shows they're doing really, really poorly)? Please. Elop (who is owned by MS) has continued to run the company into the ground, and is the only reason they dropped everything open source they were working on such as the Meego OS and the whole Nokia line past the N9.

Do you know how quickly people would buy Nokia android phones? That's the answer to the question of "why is Nokia doing terrible?"

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 13:58 2

32. xperiaDROID (banned) (Posts: 5629; Member since: 08 Mar 2013)

If it's not Elop, Nokia is dead right now. Elop saved Nokia from the deadly storm, Elop deserves some credit for doing that. And there's nothing wrong of going with Windows Phone, Windows Phone is growing right now, so why give up all the hard work?

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 14:10 5

35. UrbanPhantom (Posts: 949; Member since: 30 Oct 2012)

The time and opportunity for Nokia to adopt Android as it's sole operating system has long since past, and Samsung already has a lock on that. Besides, WP8 runs faster on low end smartphones than does Android, which is is what Nokia wanted to compete in the developing world.

Also, they are now part of the Microsoft axis, which is basically at war with Google and it's various OEMs. Nokia sales are not really doing terrible, since there is significant growth, and I expect they will return to being profitable soon. It's also worth remembering that Microsoft is a large company with a broad based ecosystem, and I think Nokia should do well under that banner. Time will tell, but that ecosystem is almost self assured because Microsoft still owns the PC world, which is hardly dead and gone (500+ million). If Intel manages to make a low power x86 compatible smartphone processor and gpu that is fit for consumption, then Android will finally have some serious competition indeed. That would also solve WP's app problem, and potentially open the door to run millions of different Windows based software programs...

Nokia will continue to stick around, and so will Microsoft too. You can count on it!

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 14:16

38. SakuroAkino (banned) (Posts: 141; Member since: 12 Jul 2013)

WTF it takes time to read such a huge story
How do u get time for such a long novel??
Can't u say in 1 line that wp sucks :D

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 14:34 2

43. UrbanPhantom (Posts: 949; Member since: 30 Oct 2012)

Okay. WP sucks...market share from Android ;o)

Nokia all the way, baby!!!!

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 14:50

45. SakuroAkino (banned) (Posts: 141; Member since: 12 Jul 2013)

Thats better

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 14:16 1

39. feres13 (Posts: 307; Member since: 23 Dec 2011)

What's better? Dominate in WP's marketshare (5-6%) or compete in the Android world (60-70%)? To dominate in a minority or to compete for the majority? I'm not saying they should give up on WP but they should also sell Android phones just like they started with WP (The L800 was just a N9 running WP while the L710 is a Nokia 603 running WP). Wouldn't that be great if they had a L1020 running WP and anolther running Android? Everyone would be happy! What i'm seeing is that Nokia is even more dedicated in updating WP and innovating than M$ themselves, just look at Skype, or how long it took for GDR2 to come out even if the improvements are minor.

posted on 16 Jul 2013, 00:59

104. cam-whore (Posts: 164; Member since: 21 Feb 2013)

only reason why trolls keep on 'begging' Nokia to go Android...they know quality of Nokia. And once Nokia uses Android, end of lag....but Nokia will never use subpar OS with though has so much power, doesn't have anything else...

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 13:20 5

9. Nathan_ingx (Posts: 4322; Member since: 07 Mar 2012)

I wonder if there are as many anti-Elopians as there was before.
This guys deserves some credit.
I don't know if he'll ever be one of those people who did things differently and succeeded, but he is doing things, risky things...and that takes courage.

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 13:30 7

13. PhansMuneeb (Posts: 371; Member since: 28 Jan 2012)

I hated this Man not too long ago but now I think Nokia + Windows Phone Designs are match made in heaven...

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 13:43

25. nasznjoka (Posts: 413; Member since: 05 Oct 2012)

your are among the hypos.............

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 13:52 2

28. Nathan_ingx (Posts: 4322; Member since: 07 Mar 2012)

I'm not sure what's that supposed to mean...but negative or positive, thank you for making an effort to create a new profile just to say something irrelevant.

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 13:26 7

11. UrbanPhantom (Posts: 949; Member since: 30 Oct 2012)

Nokia almost died and went to heaven, due to their inability to adjust to the radical changes that strongly affected the mobile phone and communications industry. However, the decision to ally with Microsoft and produce devices using Windows Phone OS is finally started to pay off. I think Mr. Elop deserves some credit for being able to weather the storm, and he has been instrumental in making the changes that are essential for the survival of the company. I also personally own and use a Lumia 920, and am generally pleased with it's performance and durability. WP8 does need some refinements, but my guess is that it will continue to gain increased market share, and Nokia will return to a position of influence and prosperity, although that may take a few more years...

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 13:33

16. Reluctant_Human (Posts: 904; Member since: 28 Jun 2012)

He's also partly responsible for Nokia's near death experience but it is paying off for them now.

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 13:55 4

29. UrbanPhantom (Posts: 949; Member since: 30 Oct 2012)

In retrospect, I don't think Mr. Elop anticipated such an extreme fall off for symbian based products after he made those "burning platform" comments. However, Lumia devices are solid products, and showing increased popularity. Nokia's R&D is finally bearing fruits now too, and their Pureview camera technology is second to none. I'm willing to be wager this company is far from dead, even if the current stock price suggests otherwise.

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 14:00 1

33. SonyXperiaNexus (Posts: 374; Member since: 01 Oct 2012)

yeah, nokia is far from dead. RIM is in an even worse condition and still hasnt died yet. so thinking that nokia is going to die is farfetched

posted on 15 Jul 2013, 14:14

36. UrbanPhantom (Posts: 949; Member since: 30 Oct 2012)

Sadly, at this rate I expect BBRY is going to end up being sold in pieces on the open market. Too bad, but that's what happens to companies that don't make enough of an effort to adapt in the face of rapid changes in the tech industry...

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