Early bird: Apple iPhone 6 benchmarked running an iOS 9 test build

Early bird: Apple iPhone 6 benchmarked running an iOS 9 test build
The next version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 9, was already spotted making the rounds in Google Analytics, but now from the Rightware benchmark database comes an entry that puts an iPhone 6 running it.

That's right, iOS 9 is already in the testing phase on Apple's finest handset, it seems, as it should be, if Apple wants to out a developer preview in the beginning of the summer, as usual. As to what changes will iOS 9 bring, is not clear yet, but the performance of iPhone 6 with it is hardly different from an iPhone 6 with iOS 8, judging from the Basemark OS II test results. 

This, however, is likely quite a preliminary build of iOS 9, so we wouldn't be putting much thought in those eventual performance differences just yet.

source: Rightware

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iPhone 6
  • Display 4.7" 750 x 1334 pixels
  • Camera 8 MP / 1.2 MP front
  • Processor Apple A8, Dual-core, 1400 MHz
  • Storage 128 GB
  • Battery 1810 mAh(14h 3G talk time)



1. TyrionLannister unregistered

I hope they don't screw up iOS 9 like they did with 8. Finally my iPad is stable after 8.1.3

5. Mxyzptlk unregistered

Well lollipop had its fair share of issues as well.

6. vincelongman

Posts: 5723; Member since: Feb 10, 2013

Yep, both Lollipop (on my Nexus 5) and iOS 8 (on my iPad Mini 2) have been disappointing in terms of bugs

8. androidwindows

Posts: 216; Member since: Oct 04, 2014

You just had to mention Android, didn't you?

12. Mxyzptlk unregistered

Your point?

13. g2a5b0e unregistered

The point is that every time someone brings up Apple or iOS in an Android article, you ask how it's relevant. Please tell us all how your comment had any relevance to this article. No point, really. You're going to come up with your usual rhetorical b*llsh*t. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

14. strudelz100

Posts: 646; Member since: Aug 20, 2014

Did he offend you? Grow up. The internet is the wild west and we are all cowboys.

15. g2a5b0e unregistered

Believe me. Nothing anyone on here could say could ever offend me. Don't ask me to grow up. I'm more mature than you could ever be. Lastly, I have no idea what your last sentence even means.

2. aBoss

Posts: 164; Member since: Sep 15, 2014

leak also showed two window mode like samsung note series. Should be cool.

3. tedkord

Posts: 17413; Member since: Jun 17, 2009

Samsung is copying them again?!!

4. wilsong17 unregistered

Innovation bro

10. Napalm_3nema

Posts: 2236; Member since: Jun 14, 2013

How do you "copy" a software feature from a company that has been doing multi-window software for just a few years? The venue (mobile) is different, but Apple (and Microsoft) have been doing multi-windowed software since before Samsung was the Korean Foxconn.

11. Rydsmith unregistered


7. sun0066

Posts: 276; Member since: Feb 12, 2011

It will have more than 200 new features and functions even if you will not be able to note them .the only thing really visible will be the number 9.

9. darkkjedii

Posts: 31303; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

WWDC 2015, nice!

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