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Dynaflo LIQUID-ARMOR Screen Protector hands-on

0. phoneArena posted on 12 Oct 2012, 15:06

Dubbed as the revolutionary way of protecting displays of any kind, it’s a spray-on invisible screen protector that offers superior protection – including scratches and is water spill resistant. Essentially, you spray on the Dynaflo LIQUID-ARMOR solution onto the included microfiber...

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posted on 12 Oct 2012, 15:45 2

1. jmoita2 (Posts: 930; Member since: 23 Dec 2011)

Looks pretty cool!!! I'm tired of screen protectors. I just can't stand the bubbles. Even the Wrapsol one performed pretty poorly in the bubble department...

posted on 12 Oct 2012, 21:54

7. BattleBrat (Posts: 1476; Member since: 26 Oct 2011)

Martin Fields, all you need...

posted on 12 Oct 2012, 15:57 1

2. Birds (Posts: 1171; Member since: 21 Nov 2011)

I said it once and I'll say it again. I don't watch John V.'s reviews/hand-on's for the product. I watch it for those sexy brown hands although, I really like his reviews.... And nice cat BTW...

posted on 12 Oct 2012, 16:37

3. ghostkilla1388 (Posts: 50; Member since: 11 Jun 2012)

Is it really that good? i mean i've had zagg and looking at putting it on my Droid X2 but don't like the looks of a traditional screen protector.

posted on 12 Oct 2012, 16:50 2

4. lolwat (Posts: 2; Member since: 09 Oct 2012)


posted on 12 Oct 2012, 21:43

6. squallz506 (banned) (Posts: 1075; Member since: 19 Oct 2011)


posted on 12 Oct 2012, 19:55 2

5. hellt1M (Posts: 20; Member since: 10 Oct 2012)

i hate scwatches

posted on 12 Oct 2012, 22:34

8. aveese (Posts: 22; Member since: 12 Oct 2012)

is it like a nail polish??? can i remove it with acetone??? btw i love the cat!

posted on 13 Oct 2012, 02:13

9. Bfrenz (Posts: 192; Member since: 26 Aug 2012)

Nice cat. Thx 4 the tip John

posted on 13 Oct 2012, 06:17

10. andro. (Posts: 1999; Member since: 16 Sep 2011)

Hmmm id have worries about this,I see first hand on a daily basis how easy phone repairs can say warranty is void due to moisture damage,if a phone goes faulty could this spray if found on a handset be interpreted as moisture damage i wonder?!

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