Dropped iPhone in a bathtub reportedly electrocutes woman while charging

Oh, the danger of third-party chargers - one Evgenia Sviridenko, 24, was reportedly electrocuted when she dropped her iPhone in the bathtub while it was charging. Normally the charger output wouldn't present a danger, or would cut out, but why it didn't work out that way, remains to be seen. The woman was reportedly checking her profile on social media when she dropped the gear, and her roommate found her in the bathtub after the fact. 

If this has indeed happened like that, one possible explanation is that a shady charger has been used, and Apple has warned numerous times already not to use unauthorized gear for the sensitive operation, after a few similar reports came from China and Russia, or when iPhones were catching fire from unauthorized rogue charger output.

source: News.com.au
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