DroidSecurity Internet Security Suite is here to defend your Android device

DroidSecurity Internet Security Suite is here to defend your Android device
DroidSecurity has released a fully functional app suite, designed to protect your Android-based handset from viruses and SMS spam. Moreover, the program will send you the last known co-ordinates of the handset before it´s been powered off. Catching the thief right away in case your cell phone is still running is no problem at all, because the app will keep you informed about its whereabouts.
As you might have guessed, the app is not exactly free, but is definitely affordable with its modest price tag of $5 per year. Well, viruses for Android are not exactly widespread now, but this is sure to happen as the platform gains popularity.

via networkworld



1. Kiltlifter

Posts: 742; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

$5 is not bad at all for an app like that... but, is it $5/month or $5 flat fee for the access... I would assume monthly as the server required to keep up on the location would not be cheap.

2. MTLance unregistered

lol, I guess you're right, still I'm pretty worried about my iPhone tracking system because in Auckland, NZ some location is not actually quite accurate. Tracking a phone means eating up the data by the telco. $5 is fair enought compared to $100USD for MobileMe service.

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