Don't wait for Microsoft's Surface Phone until fall 2017, or better not wait at all

The Surface Phone, if Microsoft is indeed going to launch it, won't be unveiled until later next year. Another report confirms the claim and adds that the Surface Phone could be announced as early as fall 2017 or, in the worst case scenario, sometime in 2018.
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54. 7thspaceman

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Since the Surface smartphone is a Surface Brand name Product I fully expect it to debut in Spring 2017 at the End of the debut of the New Surface Pro 5 Tablet/laptop hybrid and the Surface Book 2. MS Devices VP Mr Panay will give out the Surface smart phones specs & MS VP Joe Belfiore will tell people about it's software. I think no more than 2 Surface smart phones will be revealed a high end Continuum model and a budget model like the Lumia 650.

59. johnh3

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I was a big fan of Windows Phone 8,1 But was dissapointed with Windows 10 Mobile. So at that period I went to Android. If and when I Surface phone arrive who knows? But when Nadella have fired all experts on phone manufacturing , camera technology hardware etc.. I think they are not able to make it themselves anymore. They must find a OEM who will build it. Microsoft new mobile strategy just might to put Windows apps on Android for the future.

60. 7thspaceman

Posts: 1597; Member since: Feb 14, 2011

Microsoft has a long History of not talking very well to the buying community. Microsoft CEO Nadella should Publicly state it will or will not sell Any new brand "Surface smart phones to Business and the General public. MS CEO Nadella does not not have to give any specs out or even the exact date the "Surface smart phones will debut. There is Public concern over what Microsoft is going to do in the Windows 10 mobile smart phone business as far as making their OWN Signature Windows 10 smart phones are concerned. Microsoft will strengthen Windows 10 mobile smart phones for itself and it's OEM partners if it sells at least a new flagship and a budget Windows 10 mobile smart phone.

63. cdgoin

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Surface phone can not live on a ARM chipset. So its either DEAD, or they will have to talk AMD into making a x86 mobile chipset as Intel won't. IF they are playing a long game.. then they should get completely out close WP, go to Android, and produce MS flavored Android apps, WP ANdroid launcher, and tie android into the Win10 EcoSystem for a while so everyone can forget WP. Then bring the fight to google, offer BLU, Alcatel, etc.. Android Based but WIN Flavored OS ( With Cortana, and BING ) cheaper than Google (I.e. Discount what they pay for patents). Then they can work on either a way to patch a WIN OS to run x86 on ARM or get someone to make x86 chipsets then make a big splash with a Surface phone. Thats the short term and probably best solution. They already have most the WP things like Office, etc.. on Android. Why not do that. IF they went Android based on their phones, and forked the store like they already did, I cant see why that wouldnt work. Then app writers would be able to write Apps for both Google and WP.. as WP would be Android at its core.

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