Does Sony have you sold on the new Xperia Z5 lineup?

Now that IFA 2015 is coming to an end, we can finally sit back and reflect. In the case of Sony — which undoubtedly had the biggest showing this year — it has become quite obvious to us that the distinct silence on Sony's part leading up to the expo was a great example of the quiet before a storm. Not only did the revered Japanese corporation have a brand new Xperia Z-line flagship, but it actually came out with two other extremely compelling devices, much to the delight of fans around the globe...
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49. plasteek

Posts: 265; Member since: Jun 07, 2015

Gold z5 x_x !!

50. Loubielou

Posts: 603; Member since: Jul 11, 2012

We might All like the looks of these new sony phones buts it the Snapdragon 810 chip that will be getting worried about will it cause Overheating on these Z5 phones or Not?,Plus the Pricing of these New Sony Phones are not Very Cheap for a Company who"s Sales have been Struggling,should Sony have waited until Snapdragon 820 was made available?

52. robocopvn

Posts: 504; Member since: Mar 10, 2010

Yes, as a user of Z3 compact, I definitely will get the Z5 compact

60. t184256

Posts: 14; Member since: Aug 28, 2015

Why? Is seems like a downgrade to me.

57. RangoX

Posts: 77; Member since: Feb 20, 2015

I'm waiting for the heating tests on that SD 810.

58. Starboy

Posts: 10; Member since: Feb 06, 2015

These phones are very compelling but Sony should start releasing their flagships closer to Samsung and HTC like what LG did. Most persons have already chosen a phone for 2015, be it the g4 or the s6... and are less likely to make the switch now. Personally, I'm considering the normal z5

61. t184256

Posts: 14; Member since: Aug 28, 2015

Totally not inspired. Not even my hopes for a proper Ultra, my Compact expectations are shattered. The devices seem great, nearly as great as the Z3 series. No secondary charging port? Ugly power button with a useless fingerprint scanner? Laughable camera upgrade? A pocketable SD810 heater? Come on, even without costing 2.5x more that the previuos lineup these are worse than the minor upgrades that Sony has pulled before. This tine it's downgrades.

62. NightSurfer

Posts: 101; Member since: Sep 06, 2014

If Battery will not suffer with 4K then I wont bother those extra cost for the premium experience. Good thing, Sony algorithm was able to scale down the resolution depending on the media being thrown on it or scale up just when 4K res is needed. Still waiting for the real-world battery test before grabbing one.
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