Do cell phones damage young brains?

Do cell phones damage young brains?
Scientists at the Australian Centre for Radiofrequency Bioeffects Research are looking for an answer to this question. A study at the Centre partly funded by the Aussie government, of 110 adults, “confirmed mobile phones cause a change in brain function by altering brainwaves known as alpha waves”. Now the scientists are focusing on the effect on 40 children, aged 12 to 13 and 20 adults 55 to 75 years of age.

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1. Bob unregistered

Yes, people are going to care about this issue. Cell phones are becoming to be part of an everyday life for just about everyone in the world, and any bad side effecs would need to be resolved. Also, there are more people who have cell phones than people who smoke, or do illegal drugs.

2. HumbleNarrator unregistered

What does the altering of the alpha waves mean? What are the effects?

3. unregistered

Let's just face it. We're all going to die of something. Why not cell phone usage?

4. Ken unregistered

Will Bluetooth headsets damage us as well?

5. Ahmed unregistered

These studies are conducted in order to make a competitive environment between mobile phone companies, in order to invest in a new technology that may reduce or prevent this damage. For example an accessory that can be attached to your ear that will absorb those harmful waves.

6. unregistered

I KNEW I WASN'T GOING CRAZY. I have felt my skin slightly prepare for a phone call. what i mean is that usually right before i get a text or a call, i can actually feel my skin already telling me, so i reach for it look at it and the phone call comes in once its in my hand. I thought about what the long term effects of having a phone in the same pocket every day for the past 7 years? Could it be that our bodies are adapting, and can actually sense a phone call? The human body does work on small electrical charges.

7. unregistered

what you can sense is the electromagnetic field that a mobile produces just prior to ringing this spikes just before the phone rings as the connection is made

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