Discarded batteries cause a fire at a Samsung battery plant

Samsung and batteries don't seem to mix. Of course, we all know about the problem the company had last year when exploding batteries caused the manufacturer to pull the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 off the market. At the time, the device was on the way to being one of the most popular handsets of the year. The latest problem for Samsung popped up yesterday when a fire broke out at the Samsung SDI factory in Tianjin, China...
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31. Leo_MC

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I remember one of the most imbecile idea: Apple and the secret tech services tempered with Note's batteries, because Samsung was getting too big in the industry. I don't see why the same person wouldn't say that Cook paid someone to put a firework in trash cans :).

32. AlikMalix unregistered

No, you got it all wrong: See, people keep buying iPhones instead of god-phone known as galaxy S and Note series - so Samsung had to take shortcuts to save cost and it's all apples consumers fault. If Apple buyers only bought Samsung phones instead - Samsung would have had the budget to do better qc testing - so it's the consumers fault that Samsungs phones are destroying everything in its path.

33. Leo_MC

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I'm sure our conspirator lovers can come with their own story that will blow both our minds :).

34. Leo_MC

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28. jphillips63

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These are the batteries being used in the new Samsung 8 phones folks.

35. ibend

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no worries.. it's just samsung testing their new S8 batteries.. they want to make sure it have moar explosive power than note7.. the result is kinda impressive, isn't it?
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