Diamond’s on-screen keypads available for other WM phones

Diamond’s on-screen keypads available for other WM phones
Shortly after the HTC Touch Diamond was announced, an xda-developers user has extracted the on-screen keyboards, packed them in an installation file and posted them for download. So, if you have a Windows Mobile smartphone with QVGA touch display (VGA displays are not supported – we tested it) and want to use any of the three flavors (12-key, 20-key, full QWERTY) of Diamond keypads, all you have to do is download the application installation file (.cab), put it on your phone and launch it. It takes some time (up to 3:30 minutes), but after that works well for text input anywhere in the system. The full QWERTY also works in landscape mode!

Download link (alternatives in the source)

source: xda-developers via WMexperts



1. unregistered

what do you mean? the fully qwerty works in landscape mode on the iphone.....

2. fundamental unregistered

" Unlike iPhone, the full QWERTY also works in landscape mode!" "what do you mean? the fully qwerty works in landscape mode on the iphone"..... WOW..... reading is - fundamental

9. unregistered

not for txting, internet yes txting no

3. phytos unregistered

can anyone explain why the letter z changed places with the letter y in the qwerty keyboard in the landscape mode?weird eh?

4. Toast unregistered

Woa, that is weird!

5. unregistered

Whoa nice eye lol. but yeah that is odd.

6. unregistered

QWERTZ is used in Germany and other German speaking countries

7. mamaro

Posts: 1; Member since: May 15, 2008

Exactly, when installed by default the language set is Italian. In the options switch it to English. You will also notice the dictionary will recognize English words.

8. dadler22 unregistered

Just uploaded to a sprint HTC touch, and before this keyboard i hated the damn phone, but now its actually usable.

10. hmanning unregistered

Cool cab--Thank you

11. unregistered

WOW! This slowed down my HTC Tilt to no extent!

12. unregistered

LOL! It did the same thing to my Tilt as well!! Luckily it was fine once I deleted it off my phone, otherwise, I thought my was a brick for sure!!!

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