Diamond’s cradle is gorgeous

Diamond’s cradle is gorgeous
Together with the Touch Diamond, HTC developed a few accessories, including a desktop cradle. This one is designed to resemble the Diamond in design, with the same piano black finish, and it is not only pretty, but functional as well. In addition to charging the phone and connecting it to a computer (via USB), it also has a 3.5mm jack, through which it can be connected to any audio system (or headphones), using the smartphone as a music source. We’ve heard that HTC will have a universal cradle that will be usable with large range of its phones. However, we are not sure this one is such, and not compatible only with the Touch Diamond.

The UK online shop Clove currently lists it for pre-order, at 25GBP ($50).

via Tracy and Matt



1. DamonO unregistered

Not bad not bad. Looks like a pretty slick set up.

2. unregistered

i agree looks bad azz!

3. unregistered

so this is the new ipod phone. very nice, sleek and i-pod features makes it very likeable.

4. matrix2004 unregistered

I think HTC has some explaining to do. They stole the idea from LG. http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/lg-touch/lg-touch-design-combines-iphone-and-palm-foleo-316975.php

5. Coty unregistered

No they didn't! The one for LG was twice the size of this docking station, and the one for LG had a keyboard, and the one for LG isn't even real! Read the damn article again...

6. matrix2004 unregistered

i for 1 like lg phones theyre for 1 quite nice!!!

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