Developers get iPhone 2.1 beta, GPS enhancements hinted

Developers get iPhone 2.1 beta, GPS enhancements hinted
A new iPhone 2.1 software has been seeded to iPhone developers and beta testers, and it looks like Apple is beefing up it's GPS capabilities (maybe they saw our comparison review?)  The core location services are getting many enhancements, such as the ability to tell your direction and speed, which would seem to pave the way for turn-by-turn directions.  We know Telenav is planning on bringing their software to the iPhone, so hopefully this signals that it will arive sooner rather than later.  Rumors also indicate that Apple's new background push service will debut soon, making apps like AIM much more useful.

source: BGR



1. szaldana

Posts: 19; Member since: May 20, 2008

I think its nice they are trying to improve the device's GPS and other services.

2. unregistered

I have used several phone before and had tried the samsung omina too, yet I still felt most comfortable using iphone. It UI,mutlimedia and display is the best so far, however it still have it shortcomings ( no bluetooth stereo earpiece, mms, poor camera and no landscape messaging keypad, a average 3G function.) To be frank, I felt that iphone is no the best overall phone due to it shortcomings and available functions (Omina is superb in functions and have a good UI too), however there is no prefect phone in the market as different user have different needs. To me iphone suit me the best cos I am not a person who frequent use mms, thus w/o mms is no great deal to me, iphone 2mp camera actually is gd enough to me as I felt that that the picture actually doesnt lose much to a 3.2 or 5 mp camera due to it superb display. My only dislike is not having bluetooth earpiece, bluetooth data transfer and landscape keypad for sms, but I can over with it, thus I like iphone. For user who need to mms often, likes to take pictures, like sharing file with friends and need a 24hrs portable workstation with them, then they might feel iphone suck, but for those who dont then iphone definite is the choice.

3. unkown unregistered

Who needs mms when you have email! The iPhone is the best every!

5. unregistered

yes.... steve has brainwashed you!! everyone has MMS, few has email phones ... just shut up .. stupid

8. unregistered

You're the retard. The iPhone is very nice. You're just another buttplug who doesn't like ATT

9. unregistered

I'm sorry man but you are being a retard. Most phones use MMS and people hate having to email a pic to someone. A lot of people don't have email capable phones. A smart phone which the iphone is supposed to be should have this standard. It's a good phone but this is a drawback. Quit being such a fanboy because even most iphone owners I know don't like the lack of MMS or Copy & Paste.

10. unregistered

I let me just say one thing. Stupid are the short vision guys who prefer spend four times more money send shrink pictures from MMS. And in our days every samsung phone or nokia phone have email. So MMS is only good for the service providers take money from you. Be reasonable!

11. HeyTreTre unregistered

Honestly MMS is a standard especaiyll on a 3g network i have the ATT tilt i can send a 2 megapixel pic at a resolution of 1600x1200 to anyone on att OR email it poeople should have the choice THIS IS AMERICA I will admit i had the iphone PHENOMENAL SCREEN, videos on it were great, Jailbreaking was fun then i started texting, and I HATED IT! An entirely touchscreen device is not ideal for an avid texter or emailer TRUST ME But i will go get an ipod touch to keep the other cool features Use WMWifi Router to share my 3g data to it and TADA a perfect world Iphone with 3g, mms, gps and a keyboard Would be THE SH** I cant even front But hands down they didnt do anything new Windows Mobile has been doing this for years THEY DID come out with a great idiot proof UI though So STEVE thank you, but no thank you Its like having the hottest girl in school on your arm Then finding out she doesnt put out In the end you want someone on the side to satisfy your needs And eventually you decide i will take an 8 that does everything i like over a 10 who just looks pretty

14. unregistered

wow cool comparisson, I agree with you in everything you said

4. unregistered

this is only apple second phone thus far. imagine their 3rd and fourth iphone... apple haters gonna cry from one eye. all them vzw fan boy gonna wish apple had a contract with them instead of att. plus, att haters gonna see who's gonna be the king of that business. vzw fan boy needs to understand that is going to be crazy competition and whoever got the best services including the network should make more noise than the other. that's just the beginning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. E.N. unregistered

I'm not sure that iphone is giong to be a king, but I agree with you when you say this is only apple's second phone. Its kinda of crazy how apple has only been in the cellular business for about a year and all they've been sooo succsesful. Its kind of hard for a new cellphone company to come into the market. But apple not only came to the cellular market, but they also left a huge footprint in mobile industry. I'm not too sure that they are the best and ALL verizon fanboys and apple haters are going to be crying (some might), but I do agree that this is just the beginning for apple. You've got to give them props for all the hardwork and time that they put into the iphone. Like I said, it may not be the best phone to some, but the iphones are really really good phones for a company that has only been out for a year.

7. Boots unregistered

I am a VZW fanboy and i already wish we had the iPhone. It's oK....I can wait... when everyone goes LTE itll be a piece of cake ;)

12. apb91781

Posts: 10; Member since: May 29, 2008

I'm nobody's fan-boy, and I hate the iPhone, there's several phones I dislike and some I do like from all different companies (I would rather have a mac than a PC any day) the iPhone washes out to easily in direct light. capacitive tech for the touch is a bit annoying living in Oregon where it rains all the time. I wear gloves often so something like that is a hinderance for a full touch screen. bt support? ecch. camera was ok, I'm used to 1.1mp cams so it was nice. speed of the interface was OK though being able to use custom software was a issue. what Really turned me off the iPhone however was Apple Inc Attacking any software developer for WM5/6.x who even dared create any touch interface for those phones that looked even remotely like the iPhone causing several sites to shut down. Thats what turned me away.

13. unregistered

no mms is bullapp No video is anoying Mms mms mms mms mms

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