Deutsche Telekom owns too much of T-Mobile USA?

Deutsche Telekom owns too much of T-Mobile USA?
Not only is there a phenomenal song called "Under Pressure," it may accurately describe Deutsche Telekom in regards to their ownership stake of T-Mobile USA.  Turns out that during the Verizon and Alltel snafu, the FCC spent a bit of time going over the laws governing foreign ownership in US companies.  According to their findings, Deutsche Telekom owns 30 percent of the company, when legally, they are only allowed to own 20 percent. 

DT has 30 days to respond to the FCC and explain how they will enter into compliance with the law, however it may be as easy as "some simple paperwork."  We imagine that little will change; after all, isn't the company's motto to "Stick Together?"

source: PhoneScoop



1. unregistered

doesn't vodaphone own 45% of verizon wireless

2. how much more unregistered

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3. how much more unregistered

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