Deal: Amazon Echo gets a 44% discount, grab one for $99!

ProductLocationItem ConditionCurrent PriceOffer Expires
Amazon EchoAmazonNew$99.99 ($179.99)
44% off


Looking for a good time to get your hands on the Amazon Echo? If that's the case, you might want to check out the e-commerce site's latest deal for the Alexa-powered home speaker.

Through September 4th, you can nab the Echo in black or white for $99.99, a discount of $80 or 44%. Amazon has been doing price reductions for its smart speakers before, but this one is quite big, possibly due to the looming announcement of the second-gen Echo devices. 

Technically, the deal is a part of Amazon's "back to school" sale which also includes price cuts for the Echo Dot, Amazon TapKindle E-readers, and Fire 7 tablets

If these deals arouse your interest, make sure to follow the above links to Amazon.


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1. jacksmith21006

Posts: 68; Member since: Nov 03, 2015

The Echo has fallen so far behind the Google Home suspect this will be a typical price going forward. Saw it 50% off just a week or so ago. With the Google Home when I say call mom it just knows my mom versus when my wife it knows her mom and then my kids it knows my wife. It just knows and something the Echo can just NOT do for anything. I purchased my Echo in late 2014 and now had it almost 3 years and it still can NOT do this! What gives? Google Home has only been out 6 months and already has far more functionality. But all of this is rather moot. The HUGE issue is the Echo still requires commands versus the Google Home you just talk naturally. Really everything else is insignificant. At it's core the Echo is flawed compared to the Google Home. The fact the Echo requires commands is why it never integrated in our home and the Google Home is well integrated. I was motivated to sit down and memorize the Echo commands but my family never was. What is bizarre is Amazon added an intercom where you can "call" another Alexa device. What? Google made it so you can call over a billion devices by making it a phone. Then Google tied it to search so I can just say "call Target" and it calls my nearest Target store. My Target does not have a Alexa device waiting for a call ;(. But what I hate most is the lack of ability of the Echo to know people apart. So if my kids use they mess up my music recommendations. Versus the Google Home just knows everyone apart by their voice.

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