Dan Hesse says that the Apple iPhone is the number one reason why customers leave Sprint

While Sprint is expected to be one of the three U.S. carriers selling the Apple iPhone (whether it is 4S,5 or another number or letter combination entirely), the carrier's CEO says that Apple's touchscreen phone is the number one reason why customers leave Sprint...
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39. vette21man

Posts: 351; Member since: Apr 06, 2011

This unlimited plan business is just silly. Seriously look at your cell data usage in a month. On AT&T, I use data quite a bit and usually don't go over 1GB too often. (Of course it may be different if you are watching youtube/netflix/hulu+ on the go all the time, but i'm guessing that's a minority.) I've never gone over my 2GB "cap" and I have never felt like I had to be conscious of it. If I DO go over the 2GB, I get 1GB added automatically and charged $10. If I ever went over 3GB, I'd go into a mobile coma. My guess is that Sprint will do the same as AT&T, drop the Unlimited data and $10 fee, and only charge the $10 if you go over the cap.

48. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

so... your saying its better to be charged a higher starting price and get less service.. and then when you need more service to be auto charged even more? Somehow thats better than a plan that starts off as cheaper and has zero limits???? lololol buddy, i got a bridge to sell ya. cheap.

49. j-wells unregistered

Wow you guys so really do your homework before writing. Yes Sprint charges an extra $10 dollars for smartphones but if you actually compare it to Verizon and at& t you realized that the final cost is less then what they have to offer. Both those companies trick you because they show the plan without and add ons and then all of the sudden your bill goes up 60 bucks. T-mobile customers do pay a little less but there company ok a trying to sell itself so can you really trust there rates. I have been waiting for an iPhone on Sprint, because I receive a discount because I work for the state and they take the percentage off most of the plan unlike at&t. Look sprints 4 g isn't everywhere but they have two companies trying to build it. Lightsource and Clearwire. That's better then at&t and t-mobile who are just starting to build there 4g network with lte. Its a no brainer if you live in a Sprint coverage area, Sprint is the way to go. If you live in an area without Sprint then Verizon is the way to go. At&T & T-Mobile are companies that charge you for old technology. At&t just launched 5 lte 4g areas, way to go at& t your 2 years late yet you charge your customers as if you had to top notch technology. I can't stop you guys from wasting your money but I can at least warn you. Its my job to look for the best value for the state to spend money on phones. I picked Sprint and Verizon because we use a lot of internet and apps to do our job. Both companies offered the best value per dollar amount. What's funny is metro PCs has a larger 4 g lte network then at& t and T-Mobile lol. I almost considered them over both at&t & T-Mobile.

60. Phoneguy007

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then why do sprint lose 100k customer every three months......and metro coverage map is only good in the city limits..

63. what do expect him to say unregistered

Whether it's true or not, he is going to say it to give the impression that he is turning things around. When the At&t/T-Mobile hearings come up, he will probably say that people are leaving because Sprint will be left in a bad position if the acquistion goes though. And if he cannot turn things around and gets fired, there will probably be a a different excuse.

64. jmsphan unregistered

i have worked for sprint customer care call center for 2 years. it was never "officially" announced as a "4g" charge. this missunderstanding is because of the sprint stores. they are totally idiots who will say anything and have no qualms about lying to get you to walk out with a new contract. it was a bad business decision on sprints part to add this fee to only 4g phones at first. they should've added it to all smartphones when the evo came out. of course people are going to assume its for "4g", since that was the key difference between the evo and other available phones. sprints focus needs to be one thing, coverage. most people(myself and others on this site excluded) couldnt care less about 4g. sprint is the best value in wireless, but it means nothing if you cant make a call.
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