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Cydia tweaks to install on your iPhone 4S right after the jailbreak

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Cydia tweaks to install on your iPhone 4S right after the jailbreak
Now that the easy one-click jailbreak tool Absinthe is available from the Dev Team for both Mac and Windows, those of you belonging to the about 12% of iPhone users who jailbreak their handsets, have a lot of added functionality on their minds.

We round up a few of the more popular Cydia tweaks that will make the time spent with your iPhone 4S more enjoyable, and its poster child Siri more functional.

This is by no means an extensive list, just some which we thought would be interesting for first time iPhone 4S jailbreak dancers.


The iPhone 4S has a major selling point in the case of Siri, its intelligent voice-command software, but, since it was released in beta for the first time by Apple, some desirable features are still missing. How about a Cydia tweak for that!

Enter SiriToggles, which  "allows you to tell Siri to enable/disable certain settings, get info on battery level, change your screen brightness and even launch apps". Launching various apps with your voice was one of the features most desired for Siri, and here we have it, no need to wait for Apple's official update on the matter. Also, the ability to toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and so on connectivity switches without fumbling with settings is a welcome change.

SiriToggles is available in the Big Boss repo as we speak, and should work on both your iPhone 4S, or iPhone 4 where Siri is installed via methods like Spire. Best part about SiriToggles - it's free! Yep, you read that right.

Hands-Free Control

The idea behind this tweak is as simple as its name. The app allows you to start Siri (and do the things SiriToggles above allows you to), by simply saying "Siri" out loud. Your iPhone 4S will enter voice-command status even if it is in sleep mode. Pretty cool for when your hands are busy with something more important than trying to hold that home button. Like, being up to the eyeballs in gooey stuff trying to sort out your new brownie recipe. Cost - $1.99 at the Big Boss repo.

There are a few other Siri tweaks like OpenSiri and SiriUtils, which do similar things to SiriToggles, or Siri Mic Colors and Siri Background Color, which bring a little pizzazz to the looks of Apple's venerable voice assistant, if you are starting to get bored from its design.

There is also VoiceUtils - yet another tweak, which adds the capabilities to mumble a few system commands towards your iPhone 4S, instead of fiddling with settings menus. These include asking it to reboot, respring, enter safe mode, or turn off your phone completely. Certainly a lot more Siri tweaks are on the day, as well as updates to the ones above, now that the iPhone 4S can be fairly easily jailbroken.


Essentially merging a few tweaks which got extremely popular with the iPhone 4 jailbreakers, BBSettings is your one-stop shop if you want to run apps, receive system info, and tweak and change various settings of your iPhone 4S straight from the notification bar. Just add the http://cydia.pwndevteam.com/ repo to Cydia, and then respring.

Things you can do with it include: pinning your favorite apps in the notification bar, turning on and off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, or cellular data connectivity from there as well, adjusting volume and screen brightness, having a glimpse at your active applications, and displaying various system info, like CPU or memory usage, and so on. Extremely helpful tweak, which should probably be the first you install on a jailbroken 4S.


This powerful tool brings the new and beloved notifications in iOS 5 up front and central directly on your lock screen. After BBSettings, this is one of the most useful tweaks your iPhone can have right off the bat after jailbreaking. What it does is basically bring the notification center in view before you have even unlocked your screen - Facebook and Twitter updates, stocks, weather, missed calls, emails or messages, all beneficial to be just one button push away.

iOS 5 Battery Fix

This one received its fame thanks to various testimonies that it deals with the issues that drain the battery of some iPhone 4S users like a thirsty hippo. Note that access to the Insanelyi repo VIP forum, where the fix is located, as per RedmondPie, costs $4.99, so you have to splurge for the privilege, or wait until more versions start lurking around.

Those are just a few starting tweaks you can install on your iPhone 4S after the jailbreak with Absinthe takes its course, and are just a starting points for many of the Cydia app and tweak wonders. They are a great starting point, though, if you want to make the most out of your spanking new iPhone 4S, and turn its humble voice assistant into a wunderkind.

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