Cydia and Rock are revamping the app store

Cydia and Rock are revamping the app store
The Cydia and Rock Your Phone app markets recently decided to merge, and we've been excited to see what their combined superstore would look like. Recent news points to a number of improvements over their separate jailbroken iOS markets.

For starters, you'll be able to log in to your Cydia/Rock account via your Facebook or Google account. You will also be able to back up any packages, and reinstall them on another iOS device (i.e. your iPod Touch or new iPhone 4). Your previous Rock apps will also be transferred to your Cydia account so you can download them without paying again.

While it's not certain, there might be a rating feature as well, letting customers provide feedback on available apps. There is no release date to speak of, but we'll keep you posted.

source: Redmond Pie

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