Counterfeit (Fake) Headsets - How to recognize and avoid them; what are the differences?

According to research done by Strategy Analytics, the wholesale revenues of US$2 billion are expected in 2007, making Bluetooth headsets the largest market for mobile devices. Motorola, Jabra and Plantronics were the three largest manufacturers, with combined share of 57% of all BT headsets in 2005. Motorola respectively is the world’s largest supplier with about 28% market share, followed by Jabra with 16% and Plantronics with 12%. The total Bluetooth sales in 2005 were about 33 million units.

Nokia BH800:

Nokia BH-800 Box
Nokia BH-800 Box
Nokia BH-800 Box
Nokia BH-800 Box

Nokia BH-800 Box

The genuine and counterfeit headsets come in different boxes: although they are of the same size, the fake one is in black and misses the animated details the original has. The texts written on them are different, as well as the font type and size are not the same. The counterfeit one also misses the small rectangular sticker, with information including Serial Number, Item Number, etc, which is a must for every unit.
The plastic used for the interior of the box is much different than the original: it is lighter in color, and deforms easily. The neck strap of the fake accessory is made of black colored fibers, while the original is metal.

Counterfeit (Fake) Headsets - How to recognize and avoid them; what are the differences?
Counterfeit (Fake) Headsets - How to recognize and avoid them; what are the differences?
Counterfeit (Fake) Headsets - How to recognize and avoid them; what are the differences?
But what really matters is the headset itself: when we directly compare the two, the difference is noticeable, but if you have only a fake one, we really doubt one would guess its true origin. The easiest way to spot the spurious one is by looking at the earpiece – its rubber is hard and doesn’t really fit in its place, and is uncomfortable to wear at the same time.

The Nokia logo on the front side is in dull grey, while the genuine headset has silver reflecting “Nokia”. Around the volume scrolls of the both headsets there are + and – signs that reflect the light, but what you will notice is that the scroll key of your counterfeit accessory cannot be pushed inwards, which is required for muting the microphone.

Counterfeit (Fake) Headsets - How to recognize and avoid them; what are the differences?
You will see another difference when you power it on – the moment the headset is put to be charged, it can be easily noticed that the LED light is radically different on the two devices. The authentic one has directed light only from a small quadrangle, while the fake one flickers with a lot larger round diameter.

Different are the pairing notifications as well as the genuine headset flashes in green when in pairing mode and in blue when connected, while the fake one does it vice versa – blue for pairing and green for standby mode when connected.

When paired with a phone, the fake one is discovered as BH800, while the real one as Nokia BH800.

The BH-800 is not the only Nokia headset faked. We noticed that models such BH-700, BH-600, BH-802, HS-54W and BH-300 also appear to be counterfeited and sold on Ebay.

Nokia BH-800 Genuine VS Fake performance
Nokia BH-800 Genuine VS Fake performance
Nokia BH-800 Genuine VS Fake performance

Nokia BH-800 Genuine VS Fake performance



1. Anthony unregistered

I have a fake BH-700 Nokia headset. I must say I thought it was a fake from the start. Battery life is bad, but on top of that it doesn't keep the "security" code so every time I turn it on & attempt to pair I have to type 0000. That doesn't happen w/ the real BH-700 I also have. Great article! Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

2. unregistered took this long for someone to actually post an article on fake bluetooths? These have been circulating for months and months now. Another should be written on car and home chargers too. Oh and even the handset themselves.

3. PR5 unregistered

i disagree with the buying from large companies bit, i got my Jabra JX10 from a well establish online US company, and its still a fake, its been 3 months and i havent had a problem with the fake, it works suprisingly good for a POS. it was only $60CAD Vs $200 CAD (bestbuy). i dont mine counterfit as long as it works GOOD and is super cheap. also the motorola headset that i got from bestbuy was a fake too, the HS820, i know there was something wrong with it, it even smelled bad, i returned it that day since it was so obvious

4. raulr unregistered

Motorola does have a site dedicated to fake accessories. It shows you how to identify the real from the fake and give you a link to report it. The site is

5. ad070 unregistered

i bought 3 of them from retail stores and they were fake but i was more than happy with the quality so i dont really care. your going out to buy a headset, as long as it does the job, the quality is good and your happy, i don't really care, its exactly what i was expecting.

6. PhoneArena unregistered

Raulr, At the time this article was published, Motorola did not have that site. It is something new and I guess created after we wrote our piece.

7. Metallic unregistered

So the motorola h700 FAKE is actually better, am I seeing these charts right?

8. LS unregistered

Hmmm ... I should buy the fake H700 then. According to the charts, in overall the fake H700 has better performance than the real one. Very weird unless the charts were messed up.

9. confused unregistered

I'm a bit confused. I purchased the Nokia BH-800 and read your review on pg 2. The one I have matches up with the genuine one you described... everything except for the box. Mine came in the darker box w/o the animation. Is mine a fake?

10. unregistered

very nice, i didnot know there are such things!

11. jay unregistered

i bought a fake spellchecker on eBay once...

12. malouu unregistered

I BOUGHT A FAKE BH700 FROM EBAY. Sound horrible, But looks like a Nokia. The most faked is the ac3 charger which is NOT an AC3 and the MANUAL which is In English anf Chinese

13. nickel unregistered

To confused, I have the same thing you got. The one we have is the real one. The box is different for different countries and different models. The one in Canada at Tiger Direct have both the darker box and the lighter box. They have different model number, but are both real.

14. Nickel unregistered The necklace is the dead giveaway. It looks more expensive then the ones you get at the silver necklace stand, so you can't get the real thing for under $30 retail just the necklace alone. And then you have the bluetooth to account for. I don't care how cheap nokia can make them in China, but I am very impressed with the necklace.

15. hooher tod unregistered

Yes there should realize the reader to RSS my feed to RSS commentary, quite simply

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