Could Microsoft be interested in purchasing RIM?

Could Microsoft be interested in purchasing RIM?
The problems on Wall Street could play a role in the cellular phone market. According to Reuters, the recent drop in Research In Motion's shares could place the company in a vulnerable position to be purchased by Microsoft. RIM, worth more than $148 per share on Nasdaq just a few months ago, is trading around the $60 mark, primarily due to the US financial woes and expenses relating to the release of new smartphones.

"RIM is a massive strategic fit" for Microsoft, said Canaccord Adamsanalyst Peter Misek. "I'm fairly certain they have a standing offer tobuy them at $50 (a share)." Microsoft, looking to diversify amid competition by Google and Apple, will have to wait until the stock price drops to approximately $40 per share before RIM considers the deal as a "premium bid."

Microsoft, of course, had no comment.

Source: Reuters via BGR



1. cartman unregistered

No way dude. I like bb's. Don't want to buy a Blackberry and see it come with Win Mo OS.

3. unregistered

It would not make sense for MS to change what makes a bberry great. That would be pointless and would lose their company money. I dont think anyone at MS would seriously consider changing that feature of bberry

5. crd22

Posts: 77; Member since: Apr 15, 2008

I agree... Obviously MS would not get rid of an OS which probably cost millions of dollars and a few years to create. Anyway, MS would buy the company, but I doubt they would change anything.

13. XxBurne unregistered

They could also fully integrate Microsoft Office programs in the BB OS.

17. unregistered

they mostly will just buy it~~everything stays the same~~

18. unregistered

I could see them advertising phones as Microsoft Blackberrys. That'd be a good marketing idea. Plus, the UI's could morph, with the BB OS getting some windows functionality.

2. V.O.R. unregistered

I've never had the priviledge of owning a BB phone but i wouldn't want to see WM OS on them either. Variety is the fruit of life!

16. Dexter unregistered

It's not much of a privelge, belive me. It's just a phone. And variety is the spice of life. I agree with you though, more options is better for the consumer.

4. Gib unregistered

If that actually happened, I would stop using a Blackberry in a heart beat and find another smart phone. Anything but Winmo

6. unregistered

hey don't forget Microsoft owns danger and has made little changes to the sidekick maybe this could be like that

11. unregistered

then again what has come from the sidekick since theyve been acquired? theres been one sidekick n thats it. the sidekick 2008 is just the same as the LX just with iD crap thrown on it

7. unregistered

But that means that Windows Mobile 6 will totally replace the BlackBerry OS, even though WM6 is available for download on the BB.

8. unregistered

does noone see the good that can come from this? the bb os will stay the same, but winmo 7 can finally offer push email service for nearly all email providers, since microsoft would own the bb servers which are great... i dont see the bb os going away, but winmo should definitely be an improvement

9. unregistered

If you can beat ' 'em!

10. unregistered

Microsoft should attack the iphone like the Zune attacked the ipod. New interface and add in the cell phone components and BAM you have a Zune phone. They could call it "the Zone" and run on WM. Who needs Blackberry?

12. RyanKing unregistered

It wouldn't be strategic for Microsoft to "buy-out" RIM and load WM on RIM Devices. If Anything Research In Motion would stay exactly the same while Microsoft would wait for their shares to rise and use the patents and copyrights that RIM has on their own devices.

14. propayne

Posts: 1; Member since: Apr 18, 2008


15. billy bob thorton unregistered

wow, windows needs a major revamping. their software is so ugly. if they bought BB, they would ruin it and lose all their current BB users.

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