Consumer note: Sprint stores closed Sunday

Consumer note: Sprint stores closed Sunday
Just a heads-up from your friends at PhoneArena, Sprint corporate stores will be closed nationwide this coming Sunday as part of a national meeting.  Third party retailers, such as Best Buy and Radio Shack will remain open, as will customer service.  Retail stores will reopen Monday, with presumably more enlightened representatives.



1. unregistered


27. REGNONCKIN unregistered

Sunday all the employees in the company will learn Sprint has been purchased by the same company that owns T-Mobile. I speculate they will also learn of a rebranding, simular to when Cingluar changes its name. As a final point they will be moving some operrations to Canada and eliminating jobs in the USA.

31. EagleHunt unregistered

Why in the hell would T-Mobile (Deutsche Telekom) want to buy Sprint? Sprint was smart enough to buy Nextel, decided not to support the iden network any more, decided to have bad Customer Service, decided to sell the towers that they had, decided to put money into the 4G network, trying to merge with Clearwire, continued to loss customer every quarter, wants to sell the iden network, and continued to get worse of all. Who in there right mind would invest money into Sprint? I've been in the wireless industry for 10 years and I've never seen anything like this. Let's see what they are going to do to improve and win customers back.

47. remydakid unregistered

haha. tard./

57. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

I dont know I have been hearing that T-Mobile would be intrested in buying sprint because they see the success that Vodafone is getting with Verizon so they would like to get a peice of the pie, there is a lot of fixing to with sprint but if T-Mobile Buys Sprint, makes all of there Devices Dual Mode (CDMA and GSM), T-Mobile's 3G problem would be solved and they will finally be caught up to todays standard and moving towards 4G (and selling IDEN back to the Goverment). it will take a lot of money but it can happen so lets see if Little Pink has the balls and money to become Big Pink lol

97. unregistered

T-Mobile, just like AT & T and VZW, seem to be headed towards LTE .... as well as 90% of Western Europe. Sprint is the only major cellco in the U.S. going to WiMax.

111. ViperMatrixXM unregistered

I've Spoken & Gotten Info From T-Mobile Which This Info Has Been Confirmed! T-Mobile & SK Telecom Want To Buy Sprint! Since SK Telecom No Longer Owns Helio They Have No Ties In The U.S.! SK Telecom About A Month Ago Said It Was Interested In Buying Sprint So They Could Have A Tie To The U.S. Market! T-Mobile Wants To Buy Sprint Because Of Its 32 Million Subscriber Base! They Will Be Ditching The CDMA Voice If Bought! They Said They Would Take The Data Services They Offer & It Will Help Advance Their Data Network Infrastructure! 3G Using CDMA/GSM Is Inner-Compatible! So They Wouldn't Have To Change A Thing To Run It! T-Mobile Wants Sprint Due To Its 64 Million Subscriber Base! Giving Them Almost 100 Million Customers Making Them Close To #1!

116. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

Thank you for confriming my theroy

119. unregistered

Vodafone has a minority interest in Verizon Wireless. T-Mobile would gain nothing from acquiring Sprint. Both networks are skeletons. US regulators won't let a foreign enterprise own two-telecom operators. The govt won't buy spectrum it auctioned off. SouthernLink has no need to buy any more iDEN capacity. Sprint's in deep sh*t. They let their service suffer, and the parent Telco didn't pour money into it the way VZ did for VZW. VZW won't buy Sprint because they're getting ALLTEL. Yep, Sprint did a real number on themselves.

121. unregistered

you're a retard in so many ways it hurts to read your post.

137. unregistered

Dude where's the buyout announcement???

2. unregistered

they will be close they will all have a national weeping.......

112. ViperMatrixXM unregistered

Tomorrows Training May Have To Do With T-Mobiles Plan On Making Sprint Customer Service Better As They Ranked 74 I Believe Which Is Disappointing! There May Be Other Reasons As Well!

122. unregistered

retards retards retards, you're all retarded. Tmobile is not buying sprint

3. unregistered

last time there was a closing hesse announced the simply everything plan. this sunday i heard he will be pulling out another one of his famous nukes that will shake the wireless industry.

4. unregistered

please....he bout to pull sumthion out that nukes the company, its obviously a publicity stunt, aliong with a financial loss for closing all stores, how retarded is that

13. unregistered

So what was this previous famous nuke that shook the wireless industry? losing a million customer in less that a quarter? lol cuz other than that Sprint hasn't done anything to shake the wireless industry.

24. unregistered

the simply everything plan was a counter to verizon's unlimited calling plan

33. LessthanZach

Posts: 106; Member since: Apr 29, 2008

Sprint had their everything plan before verizon had unlimited calling. I know, I work for vzdub.

51. primewax unregistered

No they didn't. VZW was the first. I also work for VZW. (If that matters)

58. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

both of you are right somewhat. sprint had there plan only in certain markets as a test first, verizon was first to launch nationwide and I know because I have worked for Verizon and Sprint during the times of the unlimted plan oringal launch

62. Trygon unregistered

Hesse != Sprint

63. DamonO unregistered

He's not closing all stores, just corporate. I am working that day for my indirect dealer. I'm excited because the business will be coming my way.

64. DamonO unregistered

Verizon didn't have the everything plan ever, for starters. Sprint/Nextel has had a $99.99 Unlimited minutes plan for a few years actually. Verizon has never had an unlimited plan until earlier this year.

65. LessthanZach

Posts: 106; Member since: Apr 29, 2008

Sprint DID have the everything plan before VZW, they just didn't advertise it or have it nationally launched. Working for VZW does not make someone an expert with other companies plans, but I know several people who sell sprint in my mall and I saw their everything plan way before vzw had our unlimited calling plan.

87. Furiousboy unregistered

Well, first off, Verizon doesn't have an unlimited plan for 99.99.....they have one for 139.99. The 99.99 unlimited is voice only where as Sprint's is unlimited everything....and regardless, Sprint launched their unlimited plan way before Verizon did. Ours launched only a few months ago and is still considered a promotional deal....we are responding to sprint's plan....not vice versa...and I highly doubt any stores are being closed or that they are selling the most likely has to deal with AIRAVE.....just google sprint and august 17 and you will discover that they are launching a completely original idea so that would be the reason for the national's going to be a educational conference for all of their employees.

98. unregistered

Joey... you are correct. Sprint announced it first, but only in certain markets. VZW was the first to release the plan in EVERY market.

102. unregistered

I can't believe that Sprint actually paid someone to come up with the SIMPLY EVERYTHING PLAN. My retarded, red headed stepchild could have come up with that. This is how it would have sounded, " listen here, I got a doozy here. Lets give every product that we have ever come out with for $100." And now Sprint is going to top the little retard with this deal. Sprints new EVERYTHING AND THE KITCHEN SINK PLAN, you guessed it $9.99 a month. Giving your products away, what a great business model.

104. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

thank you and then att swagger jacked verizon (like they always do with there rate plans) and did it about 2 weeks later so follow the leader

113. unregistered

I Will Answer This Here! Verizon Introduced Their Unlimited Calling (Voice Only) For 99.99 Back In February 17 I Think! The Company After That Which Was T-Mobile Unlimited Calling (Voice & Messaging) Following Them Shortly! Sprint Didn't Start Doing Their Unlimited Everything Till About March! AT&T Followed As Well With Their Unlimited Calling (Voice Only)

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