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Conan mocks the story of the iPhone 5 stolen in a bar, Apple replies with a video

0. phoneArena posted on 09 Sep 2011, 09:52

When you first heard about the iPhone 4, lost in a bar last year, you probably first thought the whole thing was a joke. It turned out it wasn’t. No one knows, what Apple has done to tighten up…

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posted on 09 Sep 2011, 10:03 17

1. Sniggly (Posts: 7305; Member since: 05 Dec 2009)

The sad truth is that I can kinda see this happening. :p

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 10:28 3

8. ilia1986 (unregistered)

Me too, man. Me too. And I'm not even kidding here. I'm sure that if their sales manager was forced to choose between sacrificing a 5 year old non-Apple-customer kid - and losing a dollar of profit - he'd gladly chosen the the former.

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 14:12 4

43. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

@illia. Wow, you agreed with sniggly. That's a shocker, lol.

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 22:39 2

83. Lucas777 (Posts: 2137; Member since: 06 Jan 2011)

haha lol when they have 1 dollar salaries.. and sniggly, come on you just sound ridiculous...

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 10:33 9

9. taco50 (banned) (Posts: 5506; Member since: 08 Oct 2009)

You can see this happening? I hope you're mind hasn't turned to mush this badly.

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 10:37 4

11. ilia1986 (unregistered)

No, taco. I can see it happening. It's you who can't see all the other atrocities committed by Apple which already happened.

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 10:37 9

13. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

ya know, taco..

if they hadnt used police presence to illegaly search that guys house and pretend they were "police", id say it was just a late night comedy joke. Considering what apple did during the i4 drama and what they just did with the lost i5, this little sketch isnt that far from where they are now.

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 10:57 5

16. taco50 (banned) (Posts: 5506; Member since: 08 Oct 2009)

Apple isn't far from torturing people? Lol. This just proves my point of how out of touch with reality fandroids are.

Apple didn't illegally search anyone's home. If the person gives you permission to go inside and look it's not illegal. Apple brought two police officers with them that supervised the whole scenario.

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 11:20 7

18. Kjayhawk (Posts: 294; Member since: 07 Oct 2010)

They're not being serious... Once again you have proven my point that you are indeed a retarded 4th grader.

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 12:03 7

24. taco50 (banned) (Posts: 5506; Member since: 08 Oct 2009)

You never have anything to add other than meaningless drivel.

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 12:18 8

26. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

apple pretended that it was the police, they never identified themselves as apple security, not police officers. They were intimidated by the police officers to let the security personel inside. The entire ordeal is illegal. your just an idiot that defends apple no matter what.

illegal search
impersonating an officer

all illegal.

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 13:13 3

33. taco50 (banned) (Posts: 5506; Member since: 08 Oct 2009)

umm none of that is true when the details came out. You're the idiot that bashes Apple regardless of what happens. If Apple broke the law why are they not being charged?

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 13:29 7

36. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

if u actually read the reports, that is exactly what happened, but I forget you cant read and have no comprehension.

dont you have the buttcrack of an apple employee to sniff or something? lol

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 15:57 1

56. taco50 (banned) (Posts: 5506; Member since: 08 Oct 2009)

Remix what's your response to gemini? did you read the updated report? Why has Apple not been charged with a crime if they commited one?

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 14:17 1

44. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

@taco. Remix read that article a week ago about Apple security pretending to be police officers. He didn't read, and refuses to read, the article that came out after, that there were actually police officers that were involved. Remix will stick with false news against Apple and totally ignore updated news. He hopes that people are dumb not to find out about updated news, lol.

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 14:30 2

47. G-Reg (unregistered)

If you believe everything was done to the legal "t" you are a freaking tool to society. Thats probably why you own an iPhone to begin with.

The one "guard" used to work in the same station as the officers that "escorted" them.

Again, freaking tool if you think apple did that for no good reason.

Seperate emotion from the situation, open your eyes, and read between the lines. Its not that hard to see.

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 14:39

48. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

@g-reg. So what's your point? That there's a conspiracy going on? The police released a statement that they were involved in that search and that Apple did not do anything illegal. And here you are trying your darnest to twist facts against Apple. You're the freakin' tool, not me :)

Typical android fanboy. Will cook up any conspiracy theory just to deny the facts. Pathetic :)

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 15:52 4

55. G-Reg (unregistered)

I have no fanboy ism in any direction. But thanks for the blind ignorant assumption.

I happen to have an "open" mind. Its a funny thing. It means that I actually like to look at the whole situation, gather "facts", and come up with my OWN opinion. Not just sideing with popluar or company favoring opinions.

I find it a joke when people on here debate over situations that it’s obvious facts are missing, skewed, and corrected again and again. Unless you were there, how on earth do you know what really happened to defend it as people on here are. I understand the internet is the place where anyone can be anything, why choose to be an ignorant follower?

Gemini, dont try and flex your intellectual muscle with me, you just wont come out on top.

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 16:25

61. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

@g-reg. Ignorant? You're the one who's totally ignorant. And don't play innocent Mr Anonymous. You are an android fanboy. Otherwise, there is no reason why you seem to be so upset :)

I don't assume. There are articles written about that search, and it was legal. The police released a statement. How can you say that I am merely assuming? And before you ask me if I was there, were you there as well when that incident happened? Typical android fanboy logic. Asking questions when the same question can be thrown back at them.

I am not a genius, but I am definitely smarter than you are :)

posted on 10 Sep 2011, 00:17

84. parkwaydr (Posts: 572; Member since: 07 Sep 2011)

Was a warrent ever issued? If not, strike one....and if a warrent was issued the apple employees should not have been there,its called conflict of interests, and if you dont understand, ill put it this way, if someone stole your stuff, and you where convince you knew who it was and the cops obbtained a warrent you would legally not be allowed to join on the search, its a failsafe for the athorities so as not to look biased, and of course the police made a statement that it was legal are you stupid enouph to think that they would openly admit guilt?, no heres the kicker,this is where you appletards win, nothing can or will happen to apple or the cops unless the person who they searched files charges.......and im sure that wont happen...apple no doubt cut them a big check...and a free iphone of course

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 14:40 1

49. darth8ball (Posts: 520; Member since: 02 Aug 2011)

99% of local, county or state police are able to be hired as security. Have a huge function or a rally to plan you may be required to hire police for crowd or traffic control. Did Apple hire two police men to accompany their security personnel to the home to give the appearence of a police action MAYBE but DEFINATELY POSSIBLE

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 16:30

62. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

@darthball. What you have are negative speculations against Apple, just so you can make them look like the bad guys. The police released a STATEMENT, that the search was legal. Apple did not break the law. Now why are you making speculations that they broke the law? And if hiring police is lawful, then what's wrong with it? What would you rather Apple do? Just bust into people's home without law enforcement?

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 20:55 2

79. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

I read that.

I also read the article about how the apple security guy was a retired police officer on the very force that helped him illegally search that house. Those were his old work buddies that were doing him a favor. I guess you didnt read that part. The SF police department is doing an internal investigation RIGHT NOW on the incident.
Just because someone hasnt been charged.. YET... doesnt mean something illegal didnt happened, nor does it mean someone wont be charged.

This isnt TV. A crime doesnt happen then 30 seconds later someone is arrested.

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 17:40 4

69. darkkjedii (Posts: 24906; Member since: 05 Feb 2011)

Apple is a whiney lil bitch now,and this is comin from an apple guy. I've had all the iPhones,iPads,a Mac,and an iPod touch,and nano. They suck now,not product wise,but competition wise. They stole androids notifications,and speak to text,and emoticons,they wanna sue Sammy. NOT FAIR!!!

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 19:02

73. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

@darkjedi. Just wanted to remind you that Apple once again is at the top having the highest rating for customer satisfaction. So they're doing pretty well even when you think that they suck, lol.

Stole? You can only say that someone stole something if there was actually a complaint about it. But it seems like only android fanboys are complaining about that notification bar saying that it was stolen by Apple. And android fanboys are not the law (although they think they are). Therefore, Apple did not steal anything.

If you android fanboys want to prove me wrong. Then go ahead and take Apple to court. If you guys can't, then I guess you're the ones who are a bunch of whiners.

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 11:27 2

21. The_Miz (Posts: 1496; Member since: 06 Apr 2011)

Wait, since when has Sniggles had a mind?

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 15:58 4

57. G-Reg (unregistered)

Since when have you had anything constructive to say. Since when do you say anything that isnt "iloveiphone" geared. Since when did you start fantisizing about men? (couldnt hold that back)

You are THE tool of phonearena mr. miz. Im glad to see you wont be leaving our community anytime shortly. Every group needs there whippin beotch.

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 16:32

63. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

@g-reg. And you deny being an android fanboy? Hahahaha

You're picking a fight with Apple users and calling us names? Is that being neutral. That's being an asshole if you ask me :)

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 17:25 4

67. G-Reg (unregistered)

I dont bash every iphone user, heck ive even bashed android fan boys.

Im an equal opportunity hater. If your a "follower" and lack meaningfull remarks... guess what.. your in my sights.

Fanboy is a term to describe a follower. Bashing these followers makes me one? I love your (lackof) logic.

YES, i have a droid. YES i enjoy it alot. NO do i think its perfect and the end all solution for everyone.

Get your head out of your hole and actually see what im saying before you come back with a retort.

posted on 09 Sep 2011, 19:08

74. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

@g-reg. Oh please. Again, stop playing innocent. Read the posts coming from android fanboys. They're pretty harsh with Apple and Apple users, yet you seem to ignore them and chose to attack Apple users. And you're not biased? Stop the pretence already, my goodness. You think readers here are blind or something.

I've been rebutting, but it seems like you're only here to attack Apple users. Better yet, maybe you should create an account first, lol.

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