Coming to a Wal-Mart near you: iPhones

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Coming to a Wal-Mart near you: iPhones
There has been a lot of speculation over the last few days around the web about giant retailer Wal-Mart selling Apple's iPhone in all of their stores by the end of the month. At one point, reports have hinted to a possible $100 4GB model! But it seems like Apple will be slightly reducing their 8GB model to a mere $197 instead. Yeah that's right, you'll be saving yourself a whole $2 if you buy it from the powerhouse retailer instead of a flagship Apple store. We have already seen some crazy deals with other coveted phones such as the Bold and G1, but adding Apple to its lineup can cause them to increase their market share. Now let's hope their employees can live up to the Apple's standard when it comes to providing useful and knowledgeable experience for their customers.

source: MacRumors



1. unregistered

Youd be lucky to get so much as a grunt from a walmart cell phone person. The only time I ever got a phone someone stole mine so I bought a full retail at walmart since it was an emergency. Yea, just give me the phone, Ill activate it, please dont touch my phone.

7. ddaann78 unregistered

You are soooooo funny........... but accurate :)

32. MoonlitTear

Posts: 52; Member since: Jun 09, 2008

THIS ONLY APPLIES TO CELL BOOTHS THAT ARE ACTUALLY OWNED AND OPERATED BY WAL MART/SAMS CLUB. MEANING THE PERSON HELPING YOU IS GETTING A PAY CHECK BY WAL MART. NOT ALL OF THEM ARE!! (and i would not go to those either) Wal Mart/Sams Club Connection Centers are no different than any other Cell Dealer. You have people who care and are motivated and some who just want their paycheck. I worked for both a Wal mart and Sams Connection Center, and there a several key reasons why I would activate my phone there. (and have) 1. Absolutely NO commissions. Nada, Zilch, Nothing. We have no monetary gain whether you are upgrading, adding a line, or you get 1,000 dollars of features or 1 dollar in features. We have no reason to lie to you, sell you something you do not need, or pump you full of features. We could activate 30 phones a day or 3 phones a day. Our hourly wage is all we get. 2. Absolutely no rebates. That is right, when you go to a Wal Mart or Sams, the price you see is what it is. It is not some 'after mail in rebate price' 3. No sales tax on retail price. i do not know about all states, but in california, you pay sals tax on the retail price. Not the price you are paying. ie. LG Shine for at&t is listed at $0.00 for 2 yr upgrade. (which it is right now at all sams/wal mart owned connection centers). It retails for 259.00. If you were at an at&t corporate store it would be, $0.00 AFTER a rebate, plus 7.25% on the 259.00. Wal Mart. Free out the door. They only tax the price you see next to what you want. (i.e. price next to 1yr NEW is the amount you will pay sales tax on). So NO rebate, you were taxed 7.25% of $0.00 equaliing zero dollars. 4. For at&t. DATA feature NOT required for a blackberry (or any other phone we have right now) at Wal Mart Or Sams!! You heard it. NOT required. Right now at my sams club a Blackberry Curve is 46.88 for both NEW and EXISTING 2ry signings. Price out the door $49 dollars. Your monthly bill stays the same, if all you want is a curve for just messaging.. that is our EVERYDAY price not a sale. Now like I said at the top. Not ALL connection centers are Wal Mart or Sams owned. Some are third party (ie. radioshack). Those I cannot speak for. If you are wondering if your local one is actually wal mart or sams, ask the person there who they work for or check name badge. All I am saying is we have a good value, and some of us truly enjoy and strive to understand our product. Not everyone will care, but a lot of us do.

36. unregistered

regarding point 1... commission salesman are not all used car salesman... commissioned salesman are expected to know more about phones than non-commissioned... plus, they also have no reason to sell you something you dont need, because if the customer returns it, they dont get paid... point 3... by law, you pay tax on sales price... if phone is being rung out at $50.00... tax is off of $50.00...

38. Ell@ unregistered

How do you figure they DON"T MAKE COMMISION????

39. some guy unregistered

you pay tax based on what your state tells you to pay it on, not on whatever the sales price is. I.E. California taxes all phone purchases off of the full retail, not what you pay for it

40. MoonlitTear

Posts: 52; Member since: Jun 09, 2008

Wal Mart/Sams Club associates do not get a dime from the carrier to activate a phone, nor does Wal Mart pay anything to the associate for activating said phone. All we get is our hourly wage. The store DOES get what they call Service Income, but we see none of that. The only thing we got was cookies once back in 2004 for doing twenty seven T-mobile activations in one day. (and they had to get home office approval for that).

2. unregistered

The only time I ever got a phone *from walmart* X|

3. unregistered

i got an 8310 from walmart about a week ago and it took the lady 2 1/2hr to get it going on my family talk plan. it was a good deal but not worth all the trouble and time.

42. MoonlitTear

Posts: 52; Member since: Jun 09, 2008

What Wal Mart was that? Was the system down? Was it a port or brand new? Even when the system is down, we do 'Call Carrier Mode' It should never take that long, and sorry that happened.

4. Jyakotu unregistered

I'd rather just go to a company store or website to get a cell phone. I usually don't buy cell phone from third parties unless it's a prepaid one that I probably won't care about if I lose.

5. The Doc unregistered

"Now let's hope their employees can live up to the Apple's standard when it comes to providing useful and knowledgeable experience for their customers." I always thought that At&t provided the service for the iPhone. I didn't know that Apple had a different level of standards than At&t. Another reason why VZW has the best customer service. You only deal with one company. Kudos to for pointing that out. And before customers and employees from At&t get their panties in a twist, I'm just saying that accoring to this post, people will be more worried about Walmart's knowledge about a device rather than a service. Maybe the corporate office at At&t or Apple or whoever handles issues with the iPhone should put their employees through 18 week training course. That way there is ample time to make sure the employees have that knowledge that APPLE expects. Go VZW!

6. unregistered

If Verizon got the iPhone, it would be the same way.

9. unregistered

not really...when verizon gets a phone we have a launch party AND and 2 day training class to familiarize us with the device. most of the training classes have an actually phone rep (palm BB or someother manufacturer) there to answer any questions outside of the training packet.

15. unregistered

That's why verizon is having so many issues with the Storm, because they do such great testing right? LOL

16. unregistered

Depending on the problem you are having there can be an advantage in contacting the manufacturer and not the service provider. I'm not sure I would want to contact At&t if I had problems with say syncing the phone to itunes as Apple would be better trained to assist. The provider reps have at least 20-30 phones/aircards from multiple manufacturers and multiple OS that they must be familiar with. If you google Blackberry Storm support every link takes you to BB not the VZW site. A two day training is nice for general questions but does not come close to the training the manufacture reps go through.

17. unregistered

It was APPLE's decision to do all the troubleshooting for the iPhone. You idiots crap out of your mouth and dont' even realize it sometime.

22. AB unregistered

Yes! Another Verizon fanboy!

23. unregistered

testing??? what does this article have to do with device testing

31. unregistered

that doesn't mean that they're not knowledgeable with the phone douchebag

8. unregistered

Sorryyyyy... VZW not going to get it. Apple and AT&T ONLY not verBLOWzon with FAKE-NIKE check. So these fan-boys can continue to cry for it to happen.

10. unregistered

Apple had to compete to get the Iphone?????? Fail.

14. vzw fanman unregistered

haha lol, why do you keep sayng fake nike check. nike sneakers are awsome... and at&t is just a gay blue stripped ball! i miss the cingular icon... im still wating for a better one than verblowzon buddy!

11. The Doc unregistered

That's exactly why VZW didn't get the iPhone. Apple wanted too much control. Like, if your battery goes, you send in your WHOLE phone to Apple. Surveys show that customers are generally happier when you work with one company.

12. The Doc unregistered

At&t didn't have to compete for the iPhone. They got it because VZW turned it down....

13. unregistered


18. unregistered

FALSE retards

19. unregistered

VZW did pass on the iphone...could not agree on a deal that they say beneficial. But what else would you expect from two companies (Apple & VZW) that want all the contol?

20. unregistered

plus verizon didnt want to shell out 17% of what they get on each price plan with a iphone on it like at&t did... at&t practical bent over for apple to get that phone

33. unregistered

That's why I think At&t upped the data plan on the 3G iphone. It had nothing to do with the phone being 3G but by upping the data $10 it cover most of that 17% they hand over to Apple. I would love to see actual number but my guess would be that VZW missed out on a lot more money passing on the phone than they would have giving Apple17%. How many current customer did VZW loss to people swithing to the iphone (I think this site had an artical that 2 out of 3 people that swiched to the iphone came from VZW)?. How many potential new customer when to At&t becasue of the iphone that would have gone to VZW had they picked up the phone? The loss of current customer and the potential customers lost to At&t would far out weigh the $13 to $20 they would have forfited for those customers. 17% of $79.99 sucks but VZW would still keep $66.40 and that is a lot better than $0.00. Then take $66.40 by 2 mill (low ball) iphones users is $132,800,000.00...does'nt look so bad to me.

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