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Class action suit filed against Samsung and T-Mobile over Android update delay

0. phoneArena posted on 18 Jan 2011, 09:38

Samsung Galaxy S phone updates have been one of the most discussed topics in recent months, but some of the users struggling with older versions of Android took their irritation to court. XDA Developers member MicBeast…

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posted on 18 Jan 2011, 10:08 4

1. David Acaveda (unregistered)

Good. Maybe Samsung will stop acting like greedy bastards and upgrade there phones instead of f**king all of there customers up the ass and promising updates only to release a new line of Galaxy phones before the old line even gets 2.2. People shouldn't have to buy upgraded software, Samsung. You should keep your promises and upgrade your phones.

Maybe you can hire members of XDA since they seem to push updates way faster than you. I believe they had 2.2 on the Vibrant a month after its release. It took you how long? Oh wait you STILL haven't released 2.2.

Not too mention you lied about the Behold 2 only having hardware capable for 1.6. Funny, the HTC Hero has hardware almost identical just less ram and that phone got 2.1. The Mytouch 3G also has identical hardware but again less ram than the Behold 2, yet it got 2.2

Stop the lies Samsung, Upgrade your damn phones or stop saying the phones will get an upgrade.

posted on 18 Jan 2011, 10:32 2

2. ribbonsalmark (Posts: 84; Member since: 06 Jan 2011)



AT&T this is a warning to you. If this works out your next over the X10 2.1 Update.

posted on 18 Jan 2011, 23:52 2

14. messiah (Posts: 438; Member since: 19 Feb 2010)

Agreed. S.e. stated upon release of the x10 that it would recieve life long support. And they dropped the ball in ten months of European and Canadian releases and six months after Americas x10 release. They broke their promise. Straight from their offices.

posted on 18 Jan 2011, 11:00 1

3. Waiting for Update (unregistered)

This is par for the course with T-Mobile. They take forever to update Android. I was told 8 months ago that the MyTouch would get 2.2 within a few weeks. Now they are just getting around to deploying 2.2 on the MyTouch 3g that has the 3.5 mm jack. I also have a MyTouch Slide and have not even heard a peep about 2.2 for that, but at least it has 2.1. This stuff with Samsung is pitiful to watch.

The new generation of Android OS are coming out quickly and phone companies are trying to get consumers to upgrade. However, they are quickly reaching a market saturation point with new phones. Everyone has to wait another year or more to even qualify for an upgrade. The new Android OS's being delayed for older handsets is beginning to frustrate consumers. I know I've wasted hours of T-Mobile customer service time just calling them to ask about the update.

posted on 18 Jan 2011, 11:27

4. hawk62 (Posts: 320; Member since: 21 Nov 2009)

Haha droid users!

Probably the number one reason not to get a droid. I know i was one of many on moto's X forum complaining about the update.

Maybe it is time to stop putting sense, blur, ui or whatever over android.

posted on 18 Jan 2011, 13:07

7. LionStone (Posts: 849; Member since: 10 Dec 2010)

haha...I bought my Incredible last month stocked with the Froyo 2.2, 10.1 Flash, tons of memory and it flies!... like a hawk! ;) I'm lovin' it!

posted on 18 Jan 2011, 11:48 2

5. Gawain (Posts: 426; Member since: 15 Apr 2010)

Wait....what harm has been caused to anyone by this? I'm calling shenanigans... First, you need to have a "class" established. Second, you need to be able to show actual harm that has been caused by the non-update/delays/whatever. Third, anyone that has ever been touched by these stupid class-actions knows that in the end, each member gets a bunch of legal-eze printed on thin paper, no one admitting any wrongdoing, and a coupon to jack-in-the-crack. The law firm will get a nice check for shuffling paper around though.

posted on 18 Jan 2011, 13:44

8. hawk62 (Posts: 320; Member since: 21 Nov 2009)

We get nothing. The lawyers get everything and the company gets a black eye.

posted on 18 Jan 2011, 14:01

10. Gawain (Posts: 426; Member since: 15 Apr 2010)

Don't forget the coupon! There's always a token coupon to somewhere! ;-P

posted on 21 Mar 2011, 05:07

15. LeftArrow (unregistered)

First, froyo was advertised to have wifi calling. I don't get very many bars at my place and when I bought the phone I was told that it would have wifi calling, that person was wrong. I was also told that the update was coming out soon and rather than getting a different phone I waited and now its too late.

I get important text messages a day late or get miss calls that I don't know about.

posted on 18 Jan 2011, 12:19

6. ricking (Posts: 59; Member since: 10 Nov 2010)

kudos we bombed the hell out of korea and now its their way of getting us back...lmao

posted on 18 Jan 2011, 13:50

9. remixfa. (unregistered)

wow.. just wow..

you realize we fought against N korea and helped free S korea? samsung is S. korea. somehow i dont think we bombed them.

posted on 18 Jan 2011, 18:16

11. webOSdev2.0 (Posts: 31; Member since: 17 Jan 2011)

This is why I'm waiting for A webOS phone don't want the iPhone cause its just a hyped up name Android is to fragmented and Windows7 smh please

posted on 18 Jan 2011, 18:41

12. UhhhhWhatNukka (unregistered)

Windows 7 works perfectly fine as advertised. Its a SIMPLE Smartphone for people that dont have weeks to learn where everything is on their 7 Droid home screens. Everything has it's place and Windows is selling on SIMPLE, which it is and it works fine.

Iphone is over hyped shortcuts on a couple home screens.

Palm is worthless...

BB is slow and lacks any REAL features over the others.

I say go Droid if you have a ton of time to play with your phone and go WP7 for ease and simplicity if thats what you need.

Although I have a WP7 phone and a Droid, I hate that my EPIC 4g still hasnt been updated and it is pissing me off!

posted on 18 Jan 2011, 20:24

13. downphoenix (Posts: 3165; Member since: 19 Jun 2010)

the thing that's ridiculous about this is if they updated phones like this, they could be kept on the market longer, and the phones can be sold cheaper and manufactured cheaper than when they first came out, Samsung and T-Mobile fail to recognize this. The quick turnaround cycle of most phone models is damaging for this industry, a phone is out about 9-12 months then disappears off the shelves, some don't even last that long, when said phone that was a high grade model then could have easily been marketed as a low or midgrade phone at the time the phone is instead at end of life. Continue to manufacture some of these phones (at least the ones that sell good and consumers like) and the newer models will probably be pretty well made instead of bringing out new models all the time that are made in a hurry and prone to have a lot of malfunctioning phones made.

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