Cingular to adopt AT&T brand

SBC CEO Ed Whitacre announced that they plan to change Cingular Wireless brand name to AT&T. The decision came after the completion of the merger with AT&T on Friday, 18th November. SBC, which owns 60% of Cingular, has recently stated that it would adopt AT&T's name. To the question if Cingular would adopt AT&T' name as well, Whitacre answered, yes. BellSouth, the owner of the other 40% of Cingular doesn't oppose the re-brand as long as it has a positive influence on the profits. According to Whitacre AT&T might still use the Cingular name in some markets, but the overall plan is to use the AT&T name to market all the company's products. It seems that Cingular will have to reverse its efforts after a year of trying to promote Cingular as a national brand.




Source: USA Today

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