Cincinnati Bell launches family rate plan for data devices

Cincinnati Bell launches family rate plan for data devices
In today's smartphone-centric world, families usually have more than one smart device on the account. Until now, families have been saddled with relatively expensive data plans for each of the phones attached, however Cincinnati Bell, a small carrier, is looking to change that.

The move by Cincinnati Bell marks the first attempt by a wireless company to offer reduced data rates to family plans. The unlimited data plan is offered to families for $30 for the initial line, and $15 for each line thereafter. Users can add unlimited text messaging for $5 per line.

source: Cincinnati Bell via MobileTechNews



1. unregistered

this article is horribly misinformed. sprint started 1/2 price add-ons for secondary lines back around 2002 or so, maybe earlier, and ran that promo for years. furthermore, their current talk/message/data plans are all inclusive for families at a much cheaper rate than traditional addons. verizon also currently offers family plans with included data and messaging at reduced rates.

2. aaaadsaas unregistered

Verizon doesn't offer that for smartphones and i'd like to see proof that sprint offered anything like that before

3. unregistered

verizons premium plans dont include smartphones? damn, theyre such a ripoff as it is that i just assumed smartphone data was included. amazingly enough i dont have historical sprint brochures, but for several years (ending around 2006) all addons (including vision) were half price on any secondary lines. sprint has never differentiated data by phone type, so any (power) vision plan would work on any (power) vision phone. im sure if you google it you can find info on the 1/2 price addons sprint used to have, and their current plans have included data (including smartphones) since early this year

4. unregistered

as far as i know all the major carriers differentiate by class of device, dodo. business phones that need CORPERATE access are ALWAYS charged at a higher rate. And unless you are running a 2g bb on tmobile, you are also in "manditory" data area.

6. unregistered

the sprint talk/message/data share pln offers unl data and unl text on any phone evan bkb for 129.99 for 2 lines and 20 per line after and have offerd that sienc 3Q 08. did u hear me EVAN BLACKBERRY!!! ps it also includs unl telenav full html browsing (on evdo device) and 25 free sprint tv chanels!

7. unregistered

oops i forgot also 3.5 g data access 1.8 mbps. u cant compete. sorry vrz fanboys!

5. unregistered

sprint everything plan snitches.... that include text and data and navi and tv ... this article is useless

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