Christmas Cam for Windows Phone decorates your photos with a holiday mood

Christmas Cam for Windows Phone decorates your photos with a holiday mood
As Christmas is right around the corner, publisher EBLM released Christmas Cam for Windows Phone 8 devices. The 9MB free app lets you place thematic items inside your photos, but unfortunately, many of them have to be bought as in-app purchases. And if you are broke after spending your hard-earned cash on x-mas presents, a set of kittens with Christmas hats, or cutesy cartoon characters probably aren't high on your wishlist.

Still, Christmas Cam does plenty for free, including sharing photos on Instagram via 6tag, so check it out if you like Christmas apps.

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2. N-fanboy

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Rodney, keep telling yourself that.

3. elitewolverine

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Nothing wrong with liking a platform. It seems like you comment on every win article, but the opposite of him. It is weird a fan of something other than WP comes to an app for windows comment on someones like/love for a platform. I deal day in and day out, on a personal level with droid and a work level. I went from love it now disliking it because of the great experience my wp devices has given me. The things i see people complain about I laugh alot.

4. papss unregistered

Its because he does... that N stands for Negative Nancy..

5. rodneyej1

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I think I will...

1. rodneyej1

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Just another example of the great apps that us WP users enjoy using everyday❕... The support for WP is way more than it was years ago, and it just keeps getting better.. What a great platform WP is,, although not perfect, it has much more good than bad... WP has to be considered as anyone's third option to iDroid, but not just as a last case option, rather a equal option.. My 920, soon to be 1520, has been the most satisfying smartphone experience of all time.. So, from someone who's been using WP everyday for years you can believe me when I say that yes I highly recommend a Lumia WP8 device.. WP simply just works right out of the box without the BS❕

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