Christian Dior phone coming today?

Christian Dior phone coming today?
Last week, some information about the Christian Dior phone appeared and it was supposed to be announced on May 16th. The date has passed and the device is still hiding in the shadows, waiting to make a debut. According to WSJ, it will be announced today, with a price starting from $3500 (with Swarovksi crystals) and can get over $5000 (with real diamonds). The device will be capable of global operation and will be mainly targeted to the Russian and Chinese markets.

Last week, the spy photo showed a remote, which is now known as “My Dior”. It most probably is a Bluetooth accessory, which connects to the phone wirelessly and is used to conduct a call, without getting the $5000-gadget out of your purse.

source: WSJ via UnwiredView



1. Simdes unregistered

Reminds of restroom faïence a bit.

2. Dexter unregistered


3. A Joke unregistered

An act by fashion designers trying to compete who rolls out a more extravagant model? With a design so uninspirational, slapping on the brand name and a few crystals and asking for $3500? Im sure rich ladies have better fashion taste and sense than to buy a mobile that looks like a Hair Clip. Give them a Break.

4. Albert unregistered

Ridicilous price!

5. DeeBee unregistered

Lol, told ya the price will be about 5k :D

6. unregistered

disscustig i hate prada is much better

7. unregistered

looks like a wickect chair seat. ugly. for 5k? wow!!!!

8. pro unregistered

Doesnt matter how rich you are...if you spend 5K on a phone instead of spending it where people need it...then you are arrognant and stupid. ...No wonder economy has shit the bed...

9. unregistered

I was posting comments on a yahoo site about this but they refused to post my entire comment, they chose to censor it instead. I think that the economy is going downhill at a steady rate and that people that buy this new phone should be prepared to eat it should a food shortage come about. The 5 grand price tag is enough to feed several families for a year. We spend all of time trying to look fashionable and we ignore what is really going on around us. This phone is a good example of that. It is being offered in China and Russia only at this time. The phone is More than likely being manufactured in China somewhere, and the cost to Dior for manufacturing the phone is probably around a grand. Which means that Dior would be making around 4 grand per phone in profit. The actual manufacturing cost is probably much closer to around 500 meaning that that the manufacturing plant is making a nice profit as well, since they are more than likely paying children around 60 cents an hour to make this pretty shiny objects that we are so fond of. We are more concerned with our looks and public status than we are for our fellow Americans. We clutch our cell phones next to us and are ready to dial 911 the moment that homeless man gets too close. We never offer to give a helping hand. We are quick to offer a dollar or two in order to get them to go pan handle somewhere else, but we never stop to ask how they got into that situation in the first place. Truth is many of the homeless have college educations just like us, they became homeless because job security is not what it used to be. There are college graduates working for McDonald's because they can not find a job anywhere else. With the economy going like it is, it won't take much for the rest of us to become just like them, in reality most of us are living from paycheck to paycheck. If we were to lose those paychecks for a month, where would we be? I see advertisements for things such as this phone and I wonder how these items will taste when we are starving and can not afford to buy food. If there is anyone out there that agrees with me, give me an AMEN!

15. unregistered

Totally agree with you.

10. NORA from SAN DIEGO unregistered

I DONT THINK ITS UGLY BUT I WOULDNT PAY 5,000 id pay like 60 $$

11. blesse de guerre unregistered

ridiculious what this phone has which make it so pricy? i'm sure that some people will spend that much money to get this phone.

12. leena unregistered

i think the phones wonderful nd it is a gud idea..

13. unregistered

The phone seems like the biggest waste of time. A fashion designer could take a damn old school nokia glue little pieces of shiny crap all over it and sell it for 5 grand. People will buy anything for a damn label

14. unregistered

I LOVE the PHONE ........ But holy shit who the hell would pay 5k for the stupid mobile........ Not me thats for sure, I would pay $5 for it lol because it looks like my grandma put wallpaper on it hahahahahhaha

16. mobiper unregistered

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17. emilyqq unregistered

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