Check out the most "megapixel-rich" smartphones of 2014

When it comes to digital photography, more isn't always better and a high megapixels count is usually not paving the way for better looking photos. But then again, it seems that people are generally wont to fancy smartphones that are well-endowed in this aspect. Some of the more popular devices that got released during 2014 are, surely, not boasting cameras with an extremely high megapixel count, but are comfortably nestled in the golden middle, packing a relatively large sensor, potent optics, and spot-on software optimization.

Provided that you are, however, looking for the largest number possible, then you're surely covered - in 2014, we had a surplus of well-endowed smartphones, the cameras of which had a large megapixel count. As the year's about to be over soon, we decided to make a round-up of the smartphones with the largest cameras from 2014. Check them out below.


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