Casio G'zOne Boulder now available

Casio G'zOne Boulder now available
Verizon and Casio have announced the availability of the G'zOne Boulder, the third in a line of ultra-rugged Casio devices for Verizon.  Absent in the Type-S, EVDO returns in the Boulder in the form of Rev. A which allows it to run Verizon's second generation PTT service, following closely behind the Motorola Adventure.  The Military Spec device is resistant to shock, dust and water, and features a 1.3 megapixel camera, microSD expansion, GPS, a digital compass and an LED lantern.  It is available via Telesales and online for $130 with a two year agreement after a $50 mail in rebate, and is set to hit stores in the coming weeks.  The phone has two color options, black and silver or orange and black, and the silver Boulder is available without the camera.

Casio G'zOne Boulder Specifications

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1. chup12682 unregistered

This phone looks like it's going to be marketed to the camping and hiking type... However, this idea seems kind of silly if you think about it, because cell phone signals usually can't reach all the way out to the mountains. At least when I go up and hike the Adirondacks around me, I know I don't get any signal... Wouldn't people just be better off with a satellite phone, a compass and a wrist watch? And for those of you who are saying, "but dude! this phone isn't used for avid hikers, couldn't if be used for construction workers who actually use the PTT button a lot?" Well, when was the last time you saw a contractor or a construction worker use a compass!?!?! hehe I hope everyone gets a good giggle out of this concept of a phone as much as I did.

5. unregistered

You would be suprised how many contractors and small business owners that have been hounding us (VZW employees) about this phone. The compass is 1 feature of the phone, is someone not going to buy a phone because it has voice-activated dialing and they dont use that feature? No. The simply dont use the feature. The compass is digital and you can take it off and have a different background if you wish.

10. Junior unregistered

I don't think chup speaks of the Verizon signal. The only time I've had a problem was when I was at the highest point during a flight to Las Vegas. I do believe it was somewhere around 20,000-25,000 feet in the air. That's far more than the normal, avid hiker might climb. Even then, I had signal that high for probably 20 total minutes of my 2 hour flight. It would come and go for very short periods of time. What I'm saying is, if it's marketed to hikers, then they're getting a quality phone that is rugged and will last them through out those long and very tough hikes. And, with the compass and gps capabilities, they can't afford to not have this type of convenience in the palm of their hands. But again, it's mostly marketed towards construction companies and their employees.

12. GoGirl unregistered

I agree, i work at vzw too and we have people asking for this new phone all the time. We already have 12 sold!!

18. apb91781

Posts: 10; Member since: May 29, 2008

Bad Monkey! No phones on during flight! ^_^

22. Mindream unregistered

The way you dismiss the most useful and practical phone to come out in years makes YOU seem silly, not the phone. I work at a paper mill and I have waited for months for this phone. I need something that can take high temperatures, high humidity, dust, water, vibration and a few chemicals. The fact that you can also drop it on the concrete a few times with out having it disintegrate is also be a blessing. The PTT and compass features are just extras to play with. By the way, your coverage sucks.

31. CellDIlbert unregistered

Does it have a bottle opener?

36. chup12682 unregistered

Whoa Minddream.... I didn't think that ANYONE would be offended by my light-hearted post, but apparently you have and decided to go personal, by calling me silly. First of all, I work in a hospital where I encounter the same types of situations that you do (chemicals, fluids, particulate matter in aerosol form... maybe not concrete, as our floors are tiled, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn't think that you or your kind were the only people to ever work on a hard surface, seeing as most floors in a building are very hard), and to give you a bit of advice, it's best if you don't walk around your factory with your phone in your hand. It's kind of stupid, reckless and certainly unsafe if you're worried about chemicals splashing around. Also, OSHA would be very dissapointed in you. Also, as a side-bar, I don't know what kinds of temperatures you are subjecting yourself to, but unless you are a fire-fighter and plan to douse blazing infernos with your cheap phone in your pocket, I wouldn't be recklessly slinging the word "silly" at people on a forum, as almost all the phones on the market out there can withstand the same temperature range as a human can. I give credence to those who work at Verizon as well as their comments as I am a very proud customer of their network. But you, minddream, though I am thankful that YOUR kind of people helps supply MY kind with the materials needed to read EKG's or write patient notes on, are a poor return on your trade as you blatantly imply that you are an unsafe worker who needlessly takes poor care of expensive equipment by exposing it to "high temperatures, dust, water, vibration and a few chemicals." which could all be easily avoided if you put your darn phone into your darn pocket, and also, butter-fingers, your phones probably wouldn't "disintegrate" upon hitting the floor, if you simply stopped, took a deep breath, and didn't throw it on the ground out of your obvious anger issues... once again, to avoid that, just put it in your pocket. Listen, if there are people out there who already want the phone, then great! Let them have it... Heck, in fact because you sound so clumsy, I'll even be happy that you're going to purchase it. Just don't be so defensive over a phone that you don't even own yet... It makes you sound like a moron. As to those verizon employees, I can't wait for the blackberry thunder to come out and crush the iphone, I'll be waiting in line! And I do appreciate the service I receive from Verizon.

48. unregistered

the sound quality is poor and the battery life is worse than I have ever had on a phone in 15 plus years of cell phone use. Other than that the features are very well thought out

49. BRRCC1 unregistered


2. unregistered

the ptt is sweet n all..but what about customers who want the phone for phone purpouses and not just ptt...can you order it without actually having to activate the ptt? do you have to have ptt with this phone..and if you dont need it, can you turn it off so you can have better battery then the miserable 63 hours this thing is sporting...because iwant to get this because i beat the living shit out of my phones but i would never use ptt

3. unregistered

you don't need the ptt... its a good option for those who beat on their phones and work outdoors

6. unregistered

PTT is an optional feature for $5 per month extra.

11. Junior unregistered

PTT capabilities can actually be shut off through the phones main menus.

4. unregistered

the phone is in stores as of yesterday.

7. unregistered

the phone is available to order in the stores as of the 28th, but will not actually be in stores until next week

8. unregistered

I am on the water, fish and kayak, several times a week. My first g'zone was invaluable to maintain contact with my home if I was out longer than anticipated. It's the only phone I will use and was online at 9:00 am to order my new one. Indispensable.

9. Gemini Machining unregistered

As a machining and welding business owner, this phone it most practicle. It will withstand grinding dust, tough treatment of anykind. This is the best product because its ruggidized, and the push to talk capabilty is great to communicate even when we are in a nother location of the shop. Perfect for our needs.

13. onetime unregistered

The phone appeals to everyone who complains to verizon wireless that there phones are not durable. Yes, style could have been taken more into consideration, but for those who take care of there equip and care what people think, this isnt the phone for you....

28. unregistered

You drop most phones they are more likely to break. I happen to like the style of this phone so do most people who are buying it. You mean to tell me that i should buy my next phone based on what other people think? do these other people buy my phones or pay my phone bill?..NO they do not..I bet your phone is purple

14. Kenny unregistered

I was just wondering how fast the PTT is on VZW network compared to Sprints Qchat and Iden Networks? Sprints Qchat is really fast and I think it may be faster then Iden , I just changed from Iden to Qchat and im really happy with it. But my friend has VZW so im looking into this for him,.

16. unregistered

I have personally used the new PTT v2.0 and it is incredibly faster the the first PTT that VZW launched and is just as fast if not faster than iDen. If you are in an area that is EVDO, which most of america is, then you can have this new PTT feature. 50 groups with 100 contacts per group 500 total contacts...beat that iDEN

19. apb91781

Posts: 10; Member since: May 29, 2008

VZW uses the Qchat network too. Qchat is Owned and Operated by Quailcomm wireless. Sprint doesn't really have control over it and it works in all EVDO Rev a networks.

15. unregistered

My in-laws own a dairy farm and the G'zone has been the best thing to happen to their cellular needs in a long time. They were all going through regular phones like crazy, but since getting their G'zones, they've only upgraded from the 1st model to the Type-S (with the exception of my one brother-in-law, he is still rocking a V3m for some reason). I'm going to be letting them know about the new Boulder because I think they will really enjoy having the PTT service...

17. unregistered

I ordered this phone in orange as part of my "new every two" program with Verizon. That, along with the online discount, and I'm getting the phone including shipping for free. It's a lil odd looking, and might even be a little gimmicky, but I am a chronic phone-dropper and I've killed four Motorola Razrs from drops, moisture, etc., so this phone is the perfect thing for me. I almost got an iPhone, but it just costs too damn much to own and operate, and I would inevitably DROP the thing. I should get the phone tomorrow and I look forward to having a phone I don't have to be soooo careful with.

42. mnd unregistered

Can you or anyone else comment on the sound quality? We were ready to purchase one tonight and another customer advised us to use the in store model and check out the speaker quality. I could hear my husband speaking to me, but he had a hard time hearing me on the new phone. Apparently the disgruntled customer had the same issue with his new phone and was there to exchange it for a different model.

43. unregistered

I got my new orange Boulder two nights ago because on Sunday my LG 8300 got wet and fried. The guy at Circuit City sold me the Boulder (first one out of that store) for a renewal price plus an extra discount if I changed my plan. I did not even THINK to try the sound quality (I don't think they had a working model anyway). Wellllll.... whatever almost everyone online is saying is true. The sound quality is BAD. It varies from OK to really terrible depending on what device the person on the other end is using. If they have a traditional landline handset... it is almost good. If they are on a cell phone it varies from acceptable to not even understanding what the HECK they said (under water). And the battery is down to one bar after 2 days of maybe 1 to 1.5 hours talking, a few photos and a full charge. I don't know how many more days I will keep it before getting maybe the Samsung Flipshot. My other complaint is it's not easy to open with one hand. Takes good photos though...

20. unregistered

ive read that like with the adventure you have to order the ptt then cal to cancel it...will it be the same with this?

21. LessthanZach

Posts: 106; Member since: Apr 29, 2008

no. VZW does not require you to order the ptt OR any other service. With the exception of online orders. That is why you should come in to the kiosk at Redding, Ca and see me :). We may recommend that you try the one month free promotion of Vcast, but if you really don't want it then we will automatically take it off for you after your free trial is done. But with vcast, you get the VCast video channels (there's like 110+ channels) unlimited data transfer, mobile web and VZW Song ID; pretty sweet deal I think.

27. unregistered

Kiosks = shady

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