Casinos ban iPhone card-counting app

Casinos ban iPhone card-counting app
You’ve seen it happen in the movies before and someone was bound to create an application for it. Card counting is something quite common gamblers rely on in the casinos, but they can only do it in their mind. The problem though is you can’t use an iPhone to help increase your chance in winning the stakes. Nevada casinos have recently banned an app that allows iPhone users to operate the device in a stealth mode so it can count cards. The app will run when the screen is turned off while the operator taps the screen for a count. When a particular count is reached, meaning the odds are in your favor, the phone will let out a vibration. The recent ban actually increased sales of the popular app.
via: Mobile Tech Today



1. *HOVA*

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2. YouLostTheGame

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I still say stick it to the man(casinos) any way that you can. This is why I've never understood gambling in a casino...they(the casinos) have all these gadgets and mathematics and gimmicks to take your money, but you(the gambler) aren't allowed to use anything to try and even the odds or give you the upper hand. With the way casinos are set up nowadays, you might as well flush your money down the shitter in your hotel room before you go down to the floor. Plus I just don't personally get any "pleasure/excitement" out of watching someone take my money away for essentially nothing.

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