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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is quite possibly the most powerful Android phone out there and it's also one of the prettiest with a sleek glass and metal construction. But glass tends to break and the nearly $1,000 price the Note 8 commands are two convincing reason that you should also keep it protected.

Caseology has come up with a brand new series of cases for the Galaxy Note 8 that deliver that much needed extra protection at a reasonable price, while the cases themselves do not add too much bulk to an already big phone.

There are four new Galaxy Note 8 cases to pick from: 

  • Caseology Parallax (with the "Beauty meets brawn" slogan)
  • Caseology Skyfall ("Sheer Strength")
  • Caseology Legion ("Compact, ready for combat")
  • Caseology Vault ("Tall, dark and handsome")

Caseology is not shy about the great protection its cases offer. It even says it on the back of the clean and pleasing packaging:

"Please enjoy slightly irresponsibly."

And so we did. Here are our first impressions of the new Caseology cases for the Note 8.

*All Caseology Note 8 cases below are compatible with wireless chargers.

Caseology Parallax

Buy on Amazon | Prices starting from $14

The Caseology Parallax features a distinct and beautiful honeycomb-like pattern on the back that gives the phone character and provides a better grip than glass, so that the phone does not fall out of your hand easily. The Parallax is made out of 2 pieces: an inner, rubber-like TPU (that's thermoplastic polyurethane for you, abbreviation geeks) that is soft and does an excellent job absorbing shock and protecting the Note 8 from drops. And then there is a (PC) polycarbonate frame around the back that provides a secondary layer of protection.

All Caseology cases are carefully engineered to have the upper and bottom lip of the front side of the case slightly raised, so that the screen of the Note 8 never touches the surface when you lay the device screen-down. At the same time, the two sides of the case are not raised on purpose, so that you can still make use of the slightly curved edges of the phone. There is a special cutout that helps get the S Pen easier out of its socket, and the buttons are all covered and clicky, comfortable to press.

The Parallax, just like other Caseology cases, features air cushions in each of the four corners of the Note 8 to protect better against those common edge drops.

Caseology Skyfall

Buy on Amazon | Prices starting from $13

The Caseology Skyfall is an ultra clear, transparent slim case with dual layer protection for a very reasonable price. 

The Skyfall lets the original color of the Note 8 shine through and if you are using the gray version you would easily be able to just turn the phone with its back facing you, and use it as a mirror with this case.

The Skyfall comes with a PC (polycarbonate) secondary frame that runs along the edges and provides an extra level of protection.

The case itself is easy to slip on the Note 8, has proper cutouts and clicky buttons.

Caseology Legion

Buy on Amazon | Prices starting from $15

The Caseology Legion is the most rugged of all the cases presented here. It provides that heavy duty protection that will keep your phone intact even if you drop it from bigger heights and it features a rubber-like TPU sleeve on the inside, while the outside is covered by a PC (polycarbonate) shell all along the back of the Note 8 that levels up the protection.

The Legion is slightly bulkier than the rest of Caseology offers, but that's understandable given the better protection capabilities and it still does not bring the Note 8 to unwieldy sizes. The Legion has got less flex, thanks to its PC (polycarbonate) back. Interestingly, there are four small legs that the case sits on when you place it on its back, and that is yet another little touch of added protection.

Caseology Vault

Buy on Amazon | Prices starting from $11

The Caseology Vault is the company's most affordable Note 8 case and it is very flexible and easy to slip on the Note 8. It still feels very protective, rubbery and bouncy, with proper port cutouts and nice, clicky buttons. The Vault is not too big for the Note 8 and is our personal favorite in terms of the combination of protection and style. Here is what makes it different: it does not have any polycarbonate pieces to it, it's just one rubbery-feeling TPU material that gives it that extra flexibility.

The front lip of the Vault case protects the Note 8 from scratches and it also leaves just enough space for an extra screen protector in case you really want to double up on security. The back features a diagonal lines-and-ridges pattern that feels very comfortable to hold (the same pattern is also on the sides of the case) and is much less slippery than the glass on the Note 8 itself.

The Vault also does not have Caseology branding except for a tiny logo on the back cover and all inforamtion about the case is discretely hidden on the inside.

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