Cameraphone buying guide for dummies

In the last two years, the phones without a camera have become a rare 'phenomenon', but the very fact that almost all the handsets currently on the market have one, doesn’t necessarily guarantee the picture quality. This article is intended to guide you while choosing a cameraphone - mobile device, which is trying to replace the regular camera. We’ll also explain briefly, the importance of each element for the good picture quality...
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1. asg84 unregistered

good review, think should put more weight on shooting in dark conditions,(with no blurred pics ) because thats the point many phones fails, and all phones give acceptable quality pics in good lighting

2. TMG unregistered

I agree with you mostly, my N95 shoots very nice pictures in good lighting but IMHO falls down badly on pictures taken at night / low light and this seems to be common with all cameraphones. I would have to say though that 2 megapixal (or above) cameraphones should be some sort of standard, with anybody looking to do more with your pictures than looking at them on a small screen. Shrinking down & printing a big picture means no loss of quality this is not the same in reverse, and VGA 640*480 for pictures looks bad even when on a phone screen.
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