Cameos on Google is a new iOS app that allows celebrities to get personal on video

So let's say that you're a celebrity and you want the public to have their questions about you answered directly from, uh, the horse's mouth. Cameos on Google is the app that you would use to first find the questions from your fans, and then record a video response to them. The app also allows you (the celebrity) to post the video to Google where it will appear when you are the subject of a Google search...
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1. toukale

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Nice, this could actually be useful for folks in the public eye. It can also become a disaster for those who constantly feel the need to address every little thing and annoy lots of people. Like every tools it can be good or bad, it will all depends on how folks use it. It's a good thing it is release on iOS first since iOS seems to be the device of choice for most celebs and that is the target this is going for, for now.