Callpod unveils Onyx and Vetro Bluetooth headsets with 164 ft range

Callpod unveils Onyx and Vetro Bluetooth headsets with 164 ft range
We haven't heard anything from Bluetooth device manufacture Callpod in a while, but they have recently come out with two new Bluetooth 2.0 headsets, the Onyx and Vetro. Both are said to offer up to a 164 ft (50 meter) range, which is 5 times what most other Bluetooth headsets are capable of, and have a special formulated GummyGel material so the ear bud literally molds itself to the inside of your ear for an all-day comfortable fit. The Onyx and Vetro can also be connected to any other Callpad brand headset for 2-way walkie-talkie functionality up to 84,000 sq ft. The Onyx is available in black metal finish and carbon fiber finish for $69.99, while the more fashionable Vetro with its frosted-glass finish is $99.99.

source: intomobile and callpod



2. JJW unregistered

The "gummy" ear piece is not for young ears. It's way to big and doesn't fit inside your ear. Lucky for us, the human ears continues to grow our whole life. (my grandpa's ears are huge!) I'm 30 years old, so this ear piece should fit my ear in, oh I'd say, about 40 years. The style is cool. The multifunction button sux! The volume control is very nice. The "gummy" ear piece hurts my ear. (way to big) Call clarity and range is good. 50/100

1. jdavis2037

Posts: 13; Member since: Mar 16, 2010

Nice, Im interested, like the style !

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