California bans text messaging while driving

California bans text messaging while driving
On Wednesday, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation to make it illegal to text message while driving. When the law takes effect on January 1, 2009, it will be illegal to read, write, and send messages while on the road. The law carries a $20 fine for first time offenders, followed by a $50 fine for each subsequent text messaging offense.

The new law is part of the state of California's effort to cut cell phone distractions while driving. A previous law, enacted on July 1, 2008, made it illegal to hold a phone while driving, instead requiring users to use a handsfree headset. Additionally, drivers under the age of 18 are not allowed to use a cell phone under any circumstances while driving.

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1. unregistered

SYNC by Microsoft in Ford Vehicles :) will help you get around that.

2. unregistered

Yeah... Only if people could actually afford a NEW Ford vehicle.

14. unregistered

why would anyone want a ford vehicle...

17. unregistered

Why would anyone want Microsoft?

3. jrcrow unregistered

lol..anything MS will need to be reinstalled eventually anyways!

4. unregistered

Ok so you cant sent/receive txt, but what abt email/IM or web browsing?

5. ClusterTim unregistered

LOL, Like anyone is going to go by some stupid ban set by some Kangaroo court! LOL, gimme a break. Bans and laws are for straight people. JIff

6. Brock unregistered

$20 fine? Uh huh...

10. unregistered

lol instead of 20 cents a text, $20 a text

7. unregistered

what about navigator programs? Yeah, it's a silly law, but at least if you get into an accident while texting, you can be held more accountable, which makes sense.

8. unregistered

This would honestly be the easiest ticket to fight. All i would have to do is erase the msg, then state i was looking up a contact to call via my bt.

12. unregistered

If you read the article it states that it is also illegal to hold a cell phone. The state could subpeona texting records from your cell provider...

9. unregistered

is it absolutley necessary to make a law that is technically already in place. If you can't hold your phone while driving how are you supposed to text message. The previous law already covers this situation.

11. unregistered

its real dumb to text while driving though.. i dont do it b/c i ride a street bike, but if somebody hit me b/c of texting i would be supa pissed!

13. unregistered

...if not supa dead...

15. unregistered

How can you possibly know for sure if someone is texting while driving, I have gps on my phone and if I get stopped and they assume I was texting and I wasnt are they still going to fine me? I think the law is not so smart I mean people should not text while driving but honestly how do they fine someone if they are not for certain

16. unregistered

can we still get head and drive?

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