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CTIA 2005 Live coverage

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The last photo is from the Nokia 7710. As some remember, Nokia scrapped its plans to commercially introduce its predecessor – the 7700, but at the end of 2004 some pictures sufficed and shortly after the 7710 got official FCC approval in the US. Dimension wise, it is slightly larger then the P910 and weights 6.7 oz (189 grams). It runs Series 90 UI over Symbian 7 operating system and has 80 MB of embedded memory, MMC memory expansion slot, Bluetooth and EDGE. The main reason we were shown the device it to demonstrate DVB-H technology.  DVB-H or Digital Video Broadcast – Handheld is terrestrial digital video broadcasting, which uses IP data packets to deliver the content. It, on the other hand, does not utilize a particular carrier's data services to deliver the content. The DVB-H solution we were shown was using Crown Castle's technology and spectrum (1670 Mhz). Currently the company runs a test site in Pittsburgh, PA and broadcasts about 16 different channels. By the end of the year Crown Castle is expected to expand with trial network to include New York – Manhattan. About the picture quality – even though it is supposed to be 30 fps streaming, I would say it more looked like 15 fps video. Keep in mind that those are engineering tests and by the time this technology is brought to the main public it will be most likely improved a lot.

CTIA 2005 Live coverage
Nokia 7710

The 7710 device does not have a native DVB-H support, so Nokia used a back cover called Nokia Streamer SU-22 which has the DVB-H antenna and allows about three hours of continuous A/V streaming time with a 1500 mAh battery. Nokia is expected to bring a Series 60 device with embedded DVB-H support sometime in 2006.

Below are pictures of the latest Bluetooth headsets from Nokia.

CTIA 2005 Live coverage
CTIA 2005 Live coverage
CTIA 2005 Live coverage
CTIA 2005 Live coverage
CTIA 2005 Live coverage


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