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Continuing with the already announced GSM phones, Nokia 6822 is the latest addition to the 68xx series of message oriented phones. Compared to the 6820, the 6822 is slightly smaller with camera upgraded to VGA.

Nokia 6822

Nokia 6682 is tri-band (850/1800/1900 Mhz) GSM smartphone phone similar to the 6680 but lacks the 3G (UMTS) capability. The 6681 is the European/Asian variant and supports 900 instead of the 850 Mhz. It is the first Nokia with 1.3 mega pixel camera. Additional features include Bluetooth, EDGE, runs Symbian OS version 8a, support IMAP/POP3 email and comes with RealPlayer audio/video player. This is also the first phone for the US to support the new music platform which is a product of the collaboration between Microsoft, Nokia and Loudeye.

Nokia 6682

6101 is a tri-band GSM clamshell phone and according to Nokia is the first product that is designed out of the box for operator customization. Main features are EDGE, VGA camera, and color displays.

Nokia 6101

7270 is part of Nokia's fashion series. It is a clamshell GSM phone with VGA camera, changeable snap-on textile wraps, two color screens, and IMAP/POP3 email support.

Nokia 7270

Nokia 7280 was introduced at the same event with the 7270 and is also part of the Fashion series. The only questionable thing is the usability of the device. As you can see from the pictures, it lacks keypad and only has a rotator plus four keys. Unfortunately, the lack of keypad limits the functionality of this unique device. It took about two minutes for the Nokia rep to be able to get to the SMS menu. So if you just call several people and use your phone ONLY to take/place calls and have high fashion sense, you might like it. Everyone else – forget about it.

Nokia 7280


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