Nokia booth

Nokia unveiled only three new CDMA handsets for the CTIA show. The rest of the announcements about new products were made on earlier occasions.

March 1, 2005 – 6230i, 6021, 6030
February 15, 2005 – 6680, 6682, 6101
January 05. 2005 – 6822

The first of the new handsets is the mid-range 3155 clamshell CDMA/AMPS phone. Until now, Nokia had only one other clamshell CDMA/AMPS phone which is was 6255i. With the introduction of the 3155 and 6155, Nokia is obviously viewing the CDMA clamshell market as feasible revenue generator. The primary features of the phone are 128 x 160 pixels 262k color inner display with 96x665 pixels b/w external, 12 MB of shared memory, speakerphone, JAVA/BREW capability (carrier depended). The device is scheduled to be released Q3 2005 and will be priced about $100-$150 range.

Nokia 3155

Nokia 6155 is the stepped up version of the 3155 and adds 1 mega pixel camera, color external display, 16 mb of shared memory, Push-to-Talk and is expected to be available Q4 2005. The interesting part about the 6155 is that it will ship with pre-built GPS mapping and navigational software which will be able to give you turn-by-turn direction. The price range will be about $150 to $200.

Nokia 6155

The latest phone announced during CTIA is the 2115i which is really an entry level CDMA only bar style phone with black and white display mainly aimed the pre-paid market. In the US it will be the first Nokia mobile which will be sold by Virgin Mobile and will be dubbed as “Shorty”. Its features include speakerphone, voice commands/dialing/memo, built-in flashlight and changeable covers. The 2115i is slated for released in Q2.

Nokia 2115i

We had some spare time left before your next meeting, so we went ahead and snapped some pictures of the already announced phones.

Nokia 6235i is a dual-band CDMA phone introduced in the late 2004. It should be available in the US probably sometime mid 2005.



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