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CTIA 2005 Live coverage

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Moving over to the GSM world, LG announced the dual-band F7200 phone which should be available from Cingular Wireless. The main features are sliding design, 65k color TFT display, 192 Mb of memory and Push-to-Talk technology based on Kodiak's technology. The interesting part is that all major players in the wireless industry are behind a competing standard for push-to-talk called PoC (Push-to-talk over Cellular). LG F7200 being branded for Cingular Wireless means that the carrier might be planning to switch to Kodiak's technology instead of the PoC.

CTIA 2005 Live coverage
LG F7200
CTIA 2005 Live coverage

LG A7110 is the first LG device capable of EDGE high speed data. It support tri-band operation (850/1800/1900 Mhz) and has 32 MB of embedded memory, VGA camera, voice recording, and IM. The phone will be available from Cingular in Q2 of 2005.

CTIA 2005 Live coverage
CTIA 2005 Live coverage
CTIA 2005 Live coverage

LG A7110

We asked the LG rep about a device which recently appeared on the FCC website under the VX-9800 model number. The existence of the headset was not declined, and we were told that it is on the road map for later this year.

We will continue to add coverage throughout the rest of the week so please check this page again soon 

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