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I'll start our Motorola coverage with the PEBL V6. I can easily say that the phone is a design masterpiece. Over-shaped with all chrome finish makes it look like it came from the next century. The V6 uses unique mechanism to facilitate the opening of the shell and according to Motorola they still have some work to do until it works flawlessly. The way you open it is by pulling the front display towards your, which activates a magnet which opens the shell. Even the mini-USB charging/accesory port is embedded into the hinge so the phone maintains its oval curves. The main features of the phone are 262k color internal display with vertical external one, EDGE data, POP3/IMAP4 email support, VGA camera, Bluetooth, WAP, JAVA and MP3 player. The PEBL V6 should be available Q2 2005.

Motorola PEBL V6

Interesting new concept is the SCREEN3 technology introduced by Motorola. It basically allows the carriers to push content to your device and display it on your home screen. The information could range from news and weather updates, location based information, RSS feeds or advertising. The information is continuously scrolling in the lower part of the phone's screen and if you find something that you want to read, you just click one key and you can read more about it.

Motorola SLVR V8 is pretty much the candy bar version of the RAZR. It features the same aluminum body and keypad as the RAZR, but adds several more features like Video capture and TransFlash memory expansion slot. Other notable features are 262k TFT display, VGA camera, EDGE data, Bluetooth, POP3 and SMTP mail support, WAP 2.0, JAVA and MP3 player. The SLVR V8 should be available Q3 2005.

Motorola SLVR V8


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