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Latest Jabra Bluetooth headsets

Last year for some reason Jabra was not very cooperative and did not allow us to take any pictures of their upcoming Bluetooth headsets. So this year we made sure to get a clearance from a higher level and were able to get you some pictures of the latest Jabra gadgets.

Jabra BT130 Bluetooth headset

BT130 is the new entry level headset, designed for people with active lifestyle. It has 4 to 6 hours of talk time with about 110 hours of standby. Four different replaceable color plates will be available. The device will be available sometime in May.

Jabra BT350

Jabra BT350 is very similar in design to the BT130 but offers more features and has 7 hours of talk time with about 200 hours of standby plus dedicated LED indicator for Bluetooth and battery status. It also vibrates when someone calls you. The BT350 is scheduled to be released June-July 2005.

Jabra BT500

BT500 is the latest in the BT series. It still keeps pretty much the same form as the BT250 but the lines are a lot sleeker with talk time of 8 hours and 240 of standby.

Jabra JX10

Jabra JX10 is supposed to be the company's highest end headset. It was developed in cooperating with Denmark's Bang & Olufsen which is best know for its high-high end electronics. I do not know about you, put I clearly do not like that type of edgy design. Form factor wise, the headset is pretty much the same size and weight as the Bluespoon AX, manufacture red by the industry leader in small headset – It is still not clear if the final unit will have DSP embedded. The price will be around $179.

The last product from Jabra is their car/desk stand – the SP500. It features DSP technology which is supposed to enhance the sound and to clear any background noises. It will support up to 20 hours of talk time with about 480 hours of standby.


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