The #3 handset maker in the world did not disappoint us again. Just four days before CTIA, Samsung announced many new devices at the CEBIT show. During CTIA, the Korean company introduced four new handsets.

The biggest announcement in my opinion was the CDMA EV-DO capable SCH-A970 phone. Unfortunately I had some technical problem with my camera and I could only salvage two pictures of the A970, for which I apologize.

Samsung A970

The A970 features clamshell design with the 2.0 mega pixel camera located on the left side of the phone. The phone's display can be twisted 90 degrees in both directions, so you can hold the phone as a camcorder. In addition to the 2 mega pixels, the A970 offers 2x optical zoom. We have seen many phones with zoom, but most of them are with so called Digital Zoom which when used, worsens the picture quality. On the other hand, its optical counterpart offers real zoom without quality sacrifices. The problem with it is that it requires lens movement which usually translates in bulkier devices. Samsung has solved this problem by embedding the camera inside the flip hinge. Other features includes are Bluetooth, stereo speakers and advanced voice recognition. The phone is expected to be available Q2 of 2005. There is no official carrier announcement, but we assume it will be available from Verizon Wireless.

Samsung i730

Samsung i730 smartphone is device expected to be available from Verizon Wireless.
It was CNET finalist in “Next Big Thing” Consumer Electronics Show. I730 runs Microsoft Pocket PC Phone Edition 2003 software and supports both Bluetooth and WI-FI connectivity.

Samsung A880

Samsung A880 is one four new phones announced during CTIA. It is a small CDMA clamshell with 1.3 mega pixel camera with LED flash. It supports PictBridge for direct printing, had 3D User Interface and is expected to be available from Sprint in Q2. Unique feature of the phone is the speech-to-text software (VoiceMode) which allows you to speak your SMS messages and the software converts them into written words. The other phone with the same VoiceMode will be the P207 GSM phone.

Until now, the A890 was Samsung's most advanced speech recognition phone and features a features called QuickPhrase which allows the user to insert preprogrammed messages with voice commands

Samsung A800

Samsung A800 was the first 2 mega pixel camera phone with autofocus in the US. It features sliding design with large 320 x 240 TFT display with 262k colors. Support for 1xRTT data, 3D Java games and TransFlash is not missing. Unique features are the Optical Character recognition software with Business card scanner capabilities. 


Samsung i645 is the successor of i600 Microsoft Mobile for Smartphone phones. It adds 1 mega pixel camera and EV-DO high speed data.

Samsung N330

N330 features sliding out display instead of sliding keypad. It is expected to be available from Verizon Wireless in Q2. Main features include advanced voice recognition from VoiceSignal, VibeTonz software from Immersion which allows you to customize the way your phone vibrates.


 Samsung s250


We also snapped some photos of some several devices we will probably never see being introduced in the US. The first one is the Samsung s250 - the first 5 mega pixels camera phone with zoom.The device has about 92 MB of memory and can store up to 100 minutes of video.


Samsung v770

Samsung v770 is the world's first phone with 7 mega pixel camera. The camera is with CCD sensor, 3x optical and 5x digital zoom, autofocus and flash. Samsung SCH-V770 also features 16 million colors LCD display, enhanced music playback through a new digital power amplifier, MP3 player and business card reader.

Samsung v5400

Samsung v5400 is another world's first. It happens to feature 1.5 GB embedded hard drive.


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