CES 2010: Live Report

Palm Pre Plus

The Palm Pre Plus… finally, the exciting webOS smartphone is coming to Verizon, just as we had heard throughout last year. The question about what that “Plus” actually adds to the device sounds pretty natural right now. Hope you won’t be disappointed to hear that the new stuff is just twice as much storage space (now 16GB) and some minor design touches, namely the Pre Plus lacks the button below the screen and comes with a conductive Touchstone back cover. In the beginning, the Palm Pre Plus will ship with webOS 1.3.5, but will later get an OTA update to version 1.4, which will bring video recording and editing capabilities.

Hands-on with Palm Pre Plus:

Palm Pixi Plus

Palm’s second webOS device will also find its way into Verizon’s lineup, starting January 25. The Palm Pixi Plus adds just a single feature to its Sprint twin, but what a feature it is – Wi-Fi! Definitely a must have for every self-respecting smartphone, be it high-end or not. There will also be optional Touchstone back covers in different colors like pink, blue, green, orange and black.

Hands-on with Palm Pixi Plus:


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