CES 2010: Live Report

LG Lotus Elite

The original LG Lotus become available from Sprint back in 2008. Its 2nd iteration, the LG Elite was announced today. We liked the original Lotus and gave it an 8.7 rating in our review. We are not going to go in detail and explain every subtle difference but will give you major stuff which is the touch-sensitive front display. Everything else is about the same (not counting the increased weight, the three new shortcut keys and the 32GB external memory support).

The external display has grown in resolution and size in addition to its touch capabilities. The whole idea is of course to use the phone without the need to open it all the time. That’s why only the most important functionality is accessible through the front display. There are several different screens which can be switched by swiping your finger from left to right or vice-versa. Speed Dial, Contact, Call History and Picture viewing are some of the available options (each one can be turned on/off).

The other not so major updates are redesigned hinge, D-pad and the keys around it.

If you liked the original Lotus, you will definitely like its revised version. We’ll hold our judgment until we get our hands on a final version and do a proper review.

Hands-on with LG Lotus Elite:

LG GT540

LG, just like almost any other mobile phone manufacturer slowly but steadily starts to push out more and more Android OS based devices. After the debut of the GW620, which we already previewed, here comes their second Android phone.  Don’t expect it to be anything special or extraordinary in terms of specifications. What attracts the attention is its design – with very round edges and metal like trim around the corners.  The controls are a combination of two touch sensitive buttons (back and menu), while the home, call and end are regular ones. 

Specs-wise, there is not a lot to talk about – 3 mega-pixel camera and … that’s about it. Again, LG has put more emphasis on the design, then on the specs.  Still it looks like an interesting phone, so stay tuned for its review.

Hands-on with LG GT540

LG GW990

LG Rumor Touch

The LG Rumor Touch is the 3rd model of the Rumor series. As the name implies, instead of a keypad on the front, the phone will feature a touch-sensitive screen, which will use resistive technology. Naturally, the UI has been optimized for use with fingers. The actual screen size and resolution are increased as well to accommodate the touch interface (3 inches and 240x400 pixels resolution). Other hardware upgrades include EV-DO rev.0 data and 2 mega-pixel camera.

The software has undergone some refreshing as well. The main menu is now a list of all available options (of course customizable).

A new software feature is the Favorites option. It pretty much consists of four screens, where you can position and arrange the photo thumbnails of your favorite contact the way you like it. One screen could be your personal contacts, the other your business ones, etc. Pretty nifty.

The LG Rumor Touch will be available later this quarter.

Hands-on with LG Rumor Touch:


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