CES 2007: Live Report

Palm finally officially announced the Treo 750 for Cingular – after it has been available for months in Europe, the Windows Mobile 3G Pocket PC will be available from US’ biggest carrier. The Treo 750 can be considered as both successor of the Treo 650 and as GSM version of the 700w – it is antenna-less 3G Treo, but is also a Palm running on Windows. As a Treo, it has full QWERTY keyboard below the touch sensitive quadrangle 240x240 pixels display. As a WM PPC, it has Windows and OK shortcut keys. The phone features camera, but it is of low resolution – 1.3-megapixels. Running on 300MHz Samsung processor, it is not the most powerful Smartphone on the market, and considering its dimensions and design, if you are looking at it, you should also take a look at the JAQ3 and HP 6915, which also are PocketPC phones with QWERTY.


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Excellent Coverage!

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