CDMA version of HTC Shift UMPC gets FCC approval!

CDMA version of HTC Shift UMPC gets FCC approval!
The FCC approved the CDMA version of the HTC Shift UMPC coded Clio 200. There also is the Clio 100, which is the GSM version of the device. Unlike the officially announced GSM version, the new "Clio 200" is CDMA/EV-DO which would allow it to be used with carriers such as Verizon and Sprint. The rest of the specifications are the same we have previously mentioned for the Shift: 7-inches, 800x400 touch display, Windows Vista Business OS etc. . This way, you would be able to choose between the GSM/CDMA version of HTC Shift, depending on your wireless carrier.

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1. Matt unregistered

This doesn't need to go to sprint... VERIZON would own with this device!

2. Ben unregistered

ever since i saw the GSM version... ive wondered one thing. Since it runs Vista business, would you be able to make any phone calls via a bluetooth headset? The HTC Advantage works like that, but it runs Windows Mobile, which obvoiusly supports telephone calls. But would HTC add an app to allow making phone calls on this device? since you need a cellular carrier for the anywhere wireless... (not for Wi-Fi though)

3. confused unregistered

can someone explain to me what this is and how it will work with verizon

4. Ben G unregistered

this device can be compared to a laptop or tablet pc that is small and portable and if you pay for the monthy service charge from your cellular provider, you can get internet anywhere you get reception. Since I just figured out that the device also dual boots into Windows Mobile 6, I assume it can be used as a phone too. (It can also run Windows Vista)

5. less confused unregistered

I was thinking something along those lines but you have cleared it up for me thanks again Ben G

6. unregistered

verizon can't have this. They have dumb customers

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