"C" sick? 15 second video shows lock screen, home screen and browser of Apple iPhone 5C

On the day before the introduction of the Apple iPhone 5C and its premium brother, the Apple iPhone 5S, a quick video shows off the former's lock screen, browser and home screen; not that that you can tell much from a 15 second video, but we can see that the phone is just as responsive as, say, the Apple iPhone 5...
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85. LordDavon

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Congrats Jedi! I'm doing it myself in May of next year. Respect bro, and congrats!

52. WHoyton1

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i didnt think i would say this but.......your like a minimature buddha

61. good2great

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73. darkkjedii

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Don't remind me G2G. The time slows, when you think about it lol.

81. good2great

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i keep coming here to look at the countdown... man i sound sh33p-ish... haha i hope i dont get labeled as an apple fanboy... i've had mostly all the mobile OS's but apple seems to be more intellegent about how their OS runs and what services to offer their customers than any other OS out there... iphone, ipad, mac mini, i'm picking up an apple tv when the new one is announced. wish i had money for the macbook i'll have that too...lol

75. MDozey21

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No One Give's a F...same post diff day

83. rightcue805

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i still don't think there will be a iphone c, that isn't the way apple normally works. We all know apple doesn't really like to stray away from what they normally put out. I could be wrong and if am then good that means apple is finally steping up their game. Not likley through

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