Brilliant puzzle game Shadowmatic finally gets to shine on Android

Two years after its debut on iOS, critically acclaimed puzzle game Shadowmatic has finally found its way onto Google's Play Store.

Simply put, Shadowmatic is an indie puzzle game which tasks the player to rotate bizarre 3D objects in a stark spotlight, until their shadow turns takes on the shape of a familiar object.

Although the game's premise may sound weird at first, it's soothing gameplay and excellent score — somewhat reminiscent of the Zen Bound series — will soon win you over with theirdecidedly quirky, but serene, charm.

Shadowmatic's controls are simple – you swipe over the 3D objects using one or two fingers, until a familiar silhouette appears on the wall. Actually lining up the shadow(s) in the correct way, however, is not nearly as simple in later levels.

Shadowmatic is available for free on Google Play in demo form, meaning you can play the first 14 levels free of charge. The full package, containing 70 levels of radiant mind-bending puzzles, can be unlocked for $3.

Download Shadowmatic:

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