Blurry shots leak out of the RAZR VE20

Blurry shots leak out of the RAZR VE20
Set to launch on Sprint this Sunday, we have gotten some live images of the Motorola RAZR VE20. The VE20 is the latest in the RAZR line, and will be a Sprint exclusive. It can be best described as a mashup of the V9m feature set and V3m styling cues, though it has been given a (questionable) design refresh. The VE20 features a 2.0 megapixel camera, QVGA main display and a touch sensitive strip on the outer display like the V9m has. The device is bright and shiny, with a mirrored front and scarlet accents throughout. The inner display is very crisp, and it will be the feature device for Sprint's upcoming NFL Mobile Live application, which will allow users to listen to live game audio as well as watch NFL Network broadcasts for the first time on a mobile phone.

Motorola RAZR VE20 Preliminary Specifications



1. unregistered

Reminds me of the X-men, LMAOnaise that phone is almost as dumb as my gamer talk.

9. unregistered

thats a reflection of the ceiling in the sprint store

15. unregistered

I'll blame it on the crappy picture quality. Thanks for clearing that up lol, it's actually a pretty good looking phone then.

39. unregistered

Yeah, blame it on the picture quality that you saw a perfectly clear reflection of architecture with an electrical outlet on it and thought it was the X-Men symbol. Retarded.

2. m.i.k.e. unregistered

so UGLY that is disgusting to see motorola is definitively over

3. Junior unregistered

I think it's time for the government to step in and tell Motorola to stop. Just tell them straight up, "Hey!! We don't want your crap anymore!! We're not havin' it!!". Then maybe they'll just stop adding to the RAZR line and innovate some new model, OR my personal favorite, just leave while they're on top of the market. Now Moto!!!

4. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

AMEN, hey Moto stop making RAZR's. the only way Motorola can be saved is if they remodel the Star Tac and the Time Port that would be hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

and im talking about putting the remodel Star Tac and Time Port on HGH. a 5 Megapixl camera, a huge and beuatiful display (inside and out) 3G and Wifi GPS and any other feature that would make this phone above and beyond the call of duty (maybe a 1080P display lol)

18. unregistered

Judging from Motos design patterns, they would probably modernize the StarTac and have it look like a RAZR...thats what they are good at....well mainly known for, cuz i am fed up with RAZR like motorola phones

22. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008


6. RyanKing unregistered

I think Motorola's a good company the original first RAZR was great very durable innovative and their was nothing like it on the market. They still continue to surprise with their little quirky devices the put out. Motorola should keep their mobile device division, but at the same time they have to lose the RAZR titled phones.

7. unregistered

This phone is ugly, but that NFL live app looks pretty damn good! Live audio broadcast of every NFL game and they are actually going to have live games on Sprint TV that are on the NFL network. Not that I would really want to try to watch a game on that, but if I was on a beer run during a game or something it could come in handy. Plus, you can't beat the price: free with a data plan.

8. unregistered

it looks like they ran over the PEBL, then polished the front so you wouldnt notice lol

10. unregistered

Hm... pretty nice. Still expecting better from Motorola, though.

11. unregistered

k well the UI looks pretty colorful and clear and crisp ...other than that BORING!!!! MOTO SUCKS MOTO SUCK MOTO SUCKS its like they need to FIRE any one that was involved in making a Razor so they can step away from all of that and go into a new direction of phone....i mean they were able to be innovators (aside for having the most problematic phone that i have ever seen) they need to be innovators again step up to the plate and take some risks ......maybe they are just running out of money, i mean how many Razors did they have to fix and ship HAHAHAHAHA BURN MOTOROLA....BURRRRNNNN

12. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

im telling you If they remodel and update the Star Tac to todays standards it would sell, Moto can survive they just need to stop making RAZR's

13. unregistered

I wish Sprint would stop buying so much of their crap! I'm sick of looking a customer in the eye and telling them the RAZR, RAZR2, KRZR, Q9, etc. is a good device and it should last the length of the contract with no problems. I'm sick of putting out motorola fires at work. Stop buying this crap Sprint!

30. unregistered

OMG you told a customer that the KRZR and RAZR were good phones?! Shame shame I never have and never will.... The Q9c and RAZR2 were good phones but battery life sucks on the RAZR2. The MOTORAZR VE20 (Vegas) took what people liked about the RAZR2 and gave it a new powerful battery and shrunk the size a bit. Looks like a good phone!

32. unregistered

I always gear people away from Motorolas and put them into more reliable phones... like LG and RIM

34. unregistered

Ehh LG is a mixed bag... High-end LG's are okay, but the low-end ones will get you nothing but returns and headaches. Same with RIM's Blackberrys.

14. unregistered

If Motorola doesn't speed up their game, hire new designer and technology experts, they will go down.

16. unregistered

Has motorola heard of something called a flash?? like 90% of their phones dont have it (im exaggerating the percentage) But seriously they need to lay off the razr line and try building something that doesnt completely suck, oh wait I forgot about the alexander! that will save them!!... NOT. Give up Now Moto

19. unregistered

i really hope you've played with a moto phone or this phone cause with a 2mp camera it doesn't need a flash. in and out doors this phone has a great camera. Let's be honest who takes pics at night??? if you do then get a really camera and stop relying on a phone camera. I have played with this phone and the camera is GREAT Better than the IPHONE and INSTINCT combined. Flash on a phone would be nice but this phone doesn't need it.

20. unregistered

Just because it had a 2mp camera doesn't mean it has some sort of auto flash technology. The flash on phones is just for better pictures in undesireable lighting conditions. I have had a razr, razr2 and q9c and on the razrs the camera sucked at night, the q9c atleast did some justice with a flash. I agree with the first part of this comment, flashes are not only a convenience but should be put on any phone with a camera. Motorola is struggling and any extra perks they can get on their phones would be a plus to them.

23. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

Creat camera, sorry ass phone cmon man this phone won't sell unless its free without having a mail in rebate

25. unregistered

Yeah, the camera is better than the cameras on a Iphone and Instinct combined. Usually I would ignore retarded comments like this, but alas, I can not do it with this one. As a S&R tech for Sprint (not corp, 3rd party), I can honestly say, I hate Moto with a passion. I've had 2 Q's in today, that are in flash mode. Q9C's aren't much better, Razrs constantly are dropping like flies. I can't wait for the day Moto goes away. Viva La Samsung!

26. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008

Okay I have a question, is the only reason that sprint is buying this moto crap is because of the Nextel deal because sprint didn't have moto phones until the nextel merger

28. unregistered

your right there are going to be moment that your going to want to take pics in low light but the majority of the pics are in the day.

29. unregistered

i do agree on you with that but im just talking bout the camera

31. unregistered

I don't know. As a 3rd party employee, I don't get much info on why they decide to sell a particular phone or brand of phones. I would love to see Nextel sold off, and to see Sprint drop Motorola completely. I'm sure LG and Samsung wouldn't mind selling more phones.

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