Bluetrek Bizz combines Bluetooth headset and USB memory

Bluetrek Bizz combines Bluetooth headset and USB memory
Bluetrek Bizz is an interesting innovative product which, combines an ordinary Bluetooth headset and a USB flash memory device in one. It is a headset by default, but the earpiece can be removed to reveal the USB connector, and the slot for microSDHC cards (it doesn’t have its own flash memory, but uses the card’s). When the Bizz is plugged into a computer, it charges the battery (which should provide up to 6 hours of talk time) and allows access to the card memory. The claimed weight is “about 10g” and we hope it is not a lot heavier, because we don’t really want to feel that we wear USB memory stick on our ear.

source: Bluetrek via ShinyShiny



1. rshack indian unregistered

wow; thats pretty awesome. i can't wait till phonearena does a review on this one. its like a bluetooth, micro sd reader/writer, and a usb jump drive; all-in-one.

2. unregistered

I just got one with the FCC ID QITBT4F. Why is it I can't find the damn thing on the FCC website. Very strange.....have Bluetrek/Modlabs jumped the gun on the release before they had the FCC-approval????

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